• Students should use a folder or small 3-ring binder for this class; include some lined paper.
  • Please have a pen or pencil for each class.
  • My contact - sheftlau@slcs.org
  • Check your Google Drive for shared items.
  • ASSIGNMENTS are listed below:
 Unit 1...What is Health & Wellness?
Classroom Home

9/18: today you wrote the definitions for the 14 terms found on the last page of the chapter 1 packet.
  1. Please write a paragraph about YOUR greater understanding of general, overall health & wellness using 7 (or more) of the terms from this list - use casual or personal examples to illustrate (exemplify) your understanding of each of the terms you use.
  2. Underline each term as it appears in your paragraph.
  3. DUE 9/20....typed (share as a google doc) or hand-written.
Some good videos to help you review the topics in this Chapter:
Social determinants of Health
Health Inequalities and The Glasgow Effect

9/27 WED.: open book & notebook CH. 1 TEST 

9/28 - 10/12: What is PUBLIC health??
  • Oct. 2 - 5 we will be in the LMC lab to work on a research project about a public health topic (your pick).
  • Noodletools page is required.
  • Project presentations will begin in our classroom on Friday Oct.6
This year ALL MS health classes will be a mixture of both 7th & 8th graders!
9/25 - 29: What is Health? What is Wellness? What affects our condition?