• Students should use a folder or small 3-ring binder for this class; include some lined paper.
  • Please have a pen or pencil for each class.
  • My contact - sheftlau@slcs.org
  • Check your Google Classroom for items.

10/15 - 18:  Chapter 2 - Skills for best health
  • communication skills
  • conflict resolution
  • refusal skills
  • consumer skills


10/15 - 18:  Starting Unit on Nutrition
  • Be prepared for class by changing your clothes and wearing sneakers.
  • Submit your "Active Selfie" by emailing your pic to any of the PE teachers.  INCLUDE YOUR CLASS PERIOD and let us know if you want it posted on the hall wall (or not).
  • Volunteer work will count toward an Active Selfie.  Submit the appropriate paperwork.
  • FRIDAY OCT. 5th  Lifetime students - please hand in your  notebook used to track your class time activity and your progress.