Week of Dec 18, 2017 

No homework over break!  Happy Holidays!!

Science 8:

This week we will complete our Mars Next Generation Project with an in class debate.  Be prepared on Tuesday with:   2-claims, 2 pieces of evidence with  backing.  2-pieces of oppositional research.  Arguments must come from at least two schemes: authority, consequence, observation and/or comparison.  

By Friday, complete and submit "Energy Resources Lab.  

Towards the end of the week we will watch "The Martian" PG-13.  Permission slips were sent home Friday (Mon. Per.2). Return only if permission is not granted.  Thank you.

Earth Science

This week we hope to gather points for "Sun's Path Lab".  The 1st day of winter is Thurs. 12/21.

12/18  Read pp. 85-86; Ques. 13-24 pp. 86-87

12/19  Read pp. 88-89;Ques. 25-30 pp. 89-90.

12/20  Complete in book pp.97 Part B Ques. 16-24.

12/21  Conduction Lab.  



Happening Today!