Week of Oct. 15,2018

Science 8

This week we will wrap up our astronomy unit.  By Wed. please read and complete pp. 116-117;Ques. #29-33.  Test on Thursday, please use your study guide to help you prepare.

Earth Science

10/15  Define the following terms:  Big Bang theory, celestial object, Doppler effect, eccentricity, focus, inertia, red shift, blue shift.

10/16  Read pp. 38-40;Ques. #1-6 p.40.

10/17  Lab: Constructing a contour map.

Cycles Project: All Classes

You will receive your draft written component back with comments this week. Time will be provided to make revisions, as necessary.

Homebases Represenatives will meet Tuesday 10/16 (during homebas) to plan our Harvest Dinner for Nov. 8,2018. 





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