Week of May 22, 2017 

 Here are some dates to be aware of:

Science 8: 

NYS Lab Performance Exam and ES Lab Practical. 6/ 1

NYS Written Exam- Mon. 6/5

Earth Science Regents Exam Thurs. 6/15

Earth Science Review Classes begin Monday 5/15/17 at 2:30.

Earth Science:  All Lab work is due by Thursday 5/25.

Science 8 :  

In text Practice Test #1;Ques.18-45; Use the answer sheet provided after the test.  To be handed in and graded.

Earth Science

5/22  Study for Read pp. 291-295;Ques. 47-52 p. 295

5/23  Study for test on Geologic History:Topic 13 

5/24  Field test in class.  Take home test Geologic History

5/25  Take home Part 2 Practice Regents

  Have a nice holiday weekend!



Happening Today!