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  Please be sure to visit Google classroom for the most current information and requirements for our class.  Assignments are automatically updated in the Google calendar to the right, the assignment listed is due on that calendar day, so please scroll ahead. Clicking on the calendar assignment will give you the details. Announcements are not listed. Parents and guardians, providing me with your email on the first-day handout will activate notification when assignments are due. Students and parents are welcome to contact me at

First Quarter grades are Posted!

Mon  11/26  -- Background on Battle of Troy

Tues 11/27 -- Terms / Idea of a Greek hero / Ted ed: how to read Odyssey

Weds.  11/28 Sailing from Troy/ Lotus Eaters (Clip from Percy Jackson)

Thurs / Fri 11/29 The Cyclops

Mon 12/3 - Aeolus /Circe (video)

Tues 12/4 - The Land of the Dead

Weds. 12/5 - The Sirens / Scylla and Charybdis

Thurs. 12/6 -- The Cattle of the Sun God

Fri - catch up/ work on note sheet

Mon 12/10 -- 20 years gone / Argus

Tues 12/11 --NOTESHEET DUE

Suitors/Penelope (HW The Challenge)

Wed 12/12  -- Odysseus’s Revenge

Thurs 12/13 --Penelope’s test

Fri 12/14 --Catch up / quiz

Monday12/17 - Thursday 12/20 Oh Brother Where Art Thou?  & packet

As of 12/10 8th period is behind

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