High School Art - Mrs. Patterson 
                      Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

"The rapidly evolving global economy demands a dynamic and creative workforce. The arts and its related businesses are responsible for billions of dollars in cultural exports for this country. It is imperative that we continue to support the arts and arts education both on the national and local levels. The strength of every democracy is measured by its commitment to the arts."
                                                                       Charles Segars, CEO of Ovation




At the Saranac Lake High School we offer students a variety of experiences in Art. Studio in Art is a full year introductory course open to all students and is a prerequisite for all of the higher level Art courses including: Drawing & Painting, Drawing & Design, Digital Art & Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Photography and Independent Study.

Currently, Mrs. Patterson teaches:
Studio In Art
Digital Art & Design
Drawing & Design
Drawing & Painting
Independent Study

There will be a NEW Art Course offered, during Period 5, beginning in January, 2019 - "Creative Explorations". See your Guidance Counselor to join!

Mrs. Moore teaches:
Studio In Art
Independent Study