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Art Department
Jennifer Moore

Studio in Art

·         Foundation Course

·         Full year or Half year

·         Available to Freshmen

·         For the students who wish to pursue a sequence in the visual arts.

·         Students will be exposed to a wide variety of media and concepts, working both two dimensionally and three dimensionally. The objective of this course is to provide students with a very wide introduction to different types of art and materials, and prepare them for advanced art courses. The study of art history, cultures, and artists will provide vocabulary skills and a foundation for students to discuss and evaluate their own work in a supportive atmosphere. This course is a prerequisite for Drawing and Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Digital Photography.



                ·         Advanced

                ·         Full year 

                ·         Students will explore the many facets of clay construction and                        decoration in creating both functional and decorative clay objects.                        Hand-building, wheel-throwing, glazing, and firing techniques will be                    introduced through open-ended problems that require individual unique                 solutions. An open mind, a desire to experiment, and a willingness to                    get involved in the creative process are the only requirements for this                    class. 



                ·         Advanced

                ·         Full year

                ·         This is a course for three-dimensional media. A variety of                                construction techniques (armatures) and materials will be employed to                 explore “form.” Historical and contemporary three-dimensional art will be discussed to inspire student work. Materials used may include: wood, wire, plaster, plastics, paper products, fibers, clay and mosaic tile. 



Digital Photography

                    ·         For local or college credit (this is a NCCC Bridge Course)

                    ·         Half year

                    ·         Students learn to capture and compose images with a digital                             camera and to develop compositional skills with the “photographic                          eye.” Students will also learn the history and development of                                  photographic technology while exploring its importance in careers of                       journalism, advertising, commercial and fine art. Students will learn                       image collection, image management, image editing using Adobe                          Photoshop, image restoration, printing, and presentation. Access to                       a digital camera, point and shoot or SLR, is required.


Photographics/ Yearbook Production

                ·         Students will learn the basic photographic and design principles as                   well as the web-based software for Jostens electronic publishing and                     pre-press. The course will focus on digital image manipulation, page                       layout and design, advertising design, marketing and publishing.

                ·         Students will learn real-world deadlines, keeping books, collecting                    and tracking sales, paying real bills on time, advertising & marketing                      your product, and following current trends in yearbook publication. 

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