Important Dates:

There will be NO midterm for either math class. 

Final Averages are calculated by the 4 quarters plus the Final then dividing by five.

Quarter 4 half way mark is Friday May 18th. Progress Grades are up to date!!!

10th Graders will be taking the Algebra Regents on Tuesday June 12th at 11:45.
Things to have for Math:

-Binder to keep daily worksheets
-something to write with

Math 1A (period 2) 

Monday (5/21): Chapter 2 review multi step equations
Tuesday (5/22): 
Wednesday (5/23): 
Thursday (5/24):No School Snow Day 
Friday (5/25): No School


Math 2A (period 6) 

Monday (5/21): Graded Review
Tuesday (5/22): Taking a quiz so no homework
Wednesday (5/23): In class Regents
Thursday (5/24): No School Snow Day
Friday (5/25): No School

Quiz on Scatter plot, Correlation Coefficient, Review TUESDAY May 22.

This is a video of Regents Review on PBS. 

Want to work on Practice Material for the June Regents 
Check out this site. Questions and answers to follow. 

Welcome back for the 2017-2018 school year.

Math 1A and 2A will help to prepare  for the upcoming Algebra Common Core Exam in June 2018 after completing the Math 2A class.

During this time:
- you will need to be present as much as possible.
-do your homework on a daily basis.
-participate in class on a daily basis.


Test Correction Policy:

The day following a test/quiz will be a test correction day.  If a student wants to come in during activity period to do more test corrections they will have a week to do so once the test have been passed back.