Important Dates:

There will not be a midterm given in either math class.  Our grade will be calculated by taking the average of the four quarters and the final.

5 weeks for the fourth marking period will be MAY 19th, 2017


Math 1A (period 2) 

Monday (6/5): Review # 7
Tuesday (6/6): none checking in class
Wednesday (6/7):Review # 8
Thursday (6/8): Review #9
Friday (6/9): Review #10

We are starting Final Review.  There will be notes daily and review homework assignments.  These will not be gone over in class but will be graded and then turned back into the students.  

Math 2A (period 6) 

Monday (6/5):none working on Regents
Tuesday (6/6): none working on Regents
Wednesday (6/7):  none working on Regents
Thursday (6/8):none working on Regents
Friday (6/9): none working on Regents

Welcome back for the 2016-2017 school year.

Math 1A and 2A will help to prepare  for the upcoming Algebra Common Core Exam in June 13, 2017 after completing the Math 2A class.

During this time:
- you will need to be present as much as possible.
-do your homework on a daily basis.
-participate in class on a daily basis.


Test Correction Policy:

If a student obtains a test score under 65 there are mandatory test corrections which will need to be made.
  • 64-55 student will need to come in for one period of test corrections.
  • 54-45 student will need to come in for two periods of test corrections.
  • 44-below student will need to come in for three periods of test corrections.