Ms. Donna Kleist
Special Education Teacher

Happy New Year!  It is going fast already.  The kids are excited to finally have snow.  Hope everyone's winter is going well so far.

Staff Changes

We are happy to announce that Misty Sinclair has joined our class as an aide.  She is replacing Mark Brooks who is no longer working for the school district.

We also welcome Kirsten Viscardo as a long term sub.  She is working in place of Amanda Cassidy who will be back in the spring.

Our Classroom Team

Donna Kleist (Special Education Teacher)
Amanda Cassidy (Aide)
Carol Montroy (Aide)
Kerry Munn (Aide)
Misty Sinclair (Aide)
Laurie Woodruff (Aide)
This year we are lucky to also be working with Alison Parent, a behavior consultant who specializes in working with students with autism.  She visits our class approximately twice a month.  She is currently working with us to update and improve each student's Behavior Intervention Plan.

Specials Schedule

A Day - Library, kindergarten Art

B Day - Adaptive PE, kindergarten Tech

C Day - Technology & Music, kindergarten                 PE, 2nd grade Chorus

D Day - Adaptive PE, kindergarten Library

E Day - Art, kindergarten PE

F Day - Adaptive PE, kindergarten PE, 2nd                grade Library

Happening Today!