Food Tasting Day

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Welcome to French 2 and 3 and Spanish 2.  In order to be successful students should arrive each day ready to learn.  They need to come prepared with notebook , pencil , and text.  If no homework is listed for a particular day, the expectation is that they should be studying current vocabulary or grammar.  There are usually quizzes once a week or so.  Students and parents are welcome to contact me at

Assignments will also be posted on Google Classroom.

  le 21-25 mai

French 2-  Work on famous person project in 212.

French 3- continue  review


el 21-25 mayo

Spanish 2-  continue food unit.  Study vocabulary.

Work on project


Kings' Day Kings!
French 2 Calendar is Blue
Spanish 2 Calendar is Red
French 3 Calendar is Green

Assignments Due