7th Grade Math
IXL Practice Information

IXL scores are not used for any numeric grade averages.  IXL practice times are monitored and will be included in a student's effort grade which is comprised of homework assignments and in class preparation and participation.

For homework, students are expected to be practicing their IXL math skills an average of 10 minutes each day. A solid effort is demonstrated when the student has reached 40 or more practice minutes per week.  The Classsroom calendar displayed below lists skills to be practiced each week.  Students can also find their assignments in the Google Classroom.  The Google Classroom link can be found on the Helpful Links page.

if a student is struggling with a particular skill set, please stop practicing that particular skill and see me for additional help.

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Homework scoring has changed for the 2nd quarter and throughout this year.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss any grading concerns or questions.

Homework scoring will be based on a 5 point scale.  
I have included a description of the meaning of each homework score below.

 Score   Descriptive Meaning
 5  The homework is complete, done accurately and with care, and the student demonstrates a clear understanding of the math concepts presented in the activity.
 4  The homework is complete, but has 1-2 errors.  The student understands much of the concept, but may still have difficulty with challenging problems.
 3  The homework was complete, but not done with care.  The homework also contains errors, and the student has not demonstrated a clear understanding of the concept.
 2  The homework was not complete, and/or contained errors, and the student has not demonstrated an understanding of the concept presented.
 1  The homework was not complete, and/or contained many errors, and the student has not demonstrated any understanding of the concept presented.    
 0  The homework was not done.

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7th Grade Math Wall

IXL class assignments are listed on the calendar below.  
Periods 3, 4 and 6 are shown in green.  Period 7 is shown in blue.  Period 8 is shown in orange.