7th Grade Math
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Communication between your home and our classroom is a major factor in a student's academic success. Therefore, students and parents are welcome to email me at with any questions you have throughout the school year.

Why do we study mathematics?

Mathematics is defined as the science of pattern and order.  It is not just computations and rules, but is a process of figuring things out or making sense of things.  As we study math, we are looking for patterns of regularity and logical order.  We look for patterns and order in education, science, business, government, medicine, manufacturing and society.
A small percent of high school graduates actually use the advanced mathematics skills studied in school.  So, why take math classes?  Here are 2 reasons.  
  1. Understanding mathematics helps students strengthen their ability to think about and understand our world.  Math helps students grow their brains, identify relationships and make decisions.

  2. Research shows that students who take advanced math have higher income levels 10 years after graduating.

    Being Prepared for Class

    In order to be a successful learner in class, I ask that all students come each day prepared with the following supplies:
    • 3 quality writing instruments - one to lose, one to break and one to use!  Pens and pencils are welcome.  I prefer dark ink colors such as blue, black, and purple.  I also ask that you do not use pink, red or orange ink colors.

    • A notebook - a 3-subject notebook should last the entire school year.  Smaller notebooks are welcome, allowing students to start fresh periodically throughout the year.

    • A double-pocket folder - to organize handouts and class assignment papers.

    Use of Technology

    Throughout the school year, we will be using technology frequently. I do allow students to use personal devices, smartphones, tablets, etc., specifically for our learning during class. Students should only bring such devices to school with permission from a parent or guardian.

    ALEKS Practice Information

    ALEKS is a researched-based online math program that offers individualized instruction and practice, by identifying specific ready to learn skills for each student.  ALEKS guides students on a custom learning path through specific modules, called pie slices.  Students can view their progress using various reports, review previously mastered skills and print worksheets for independent practice offline.  For additional information, please visit the ALEKS website at   

    We will be using ALEKS throughout the school year both in class and outside of class.  ALEKS does require Internet access, always available at school if the internet is not accessible at home.  Students may schedule time to come to our classroom after dismissal from 2:30 - 3:15pm most days, to access their ALEKS account in order to meet their weekly practice requirement.

    ALEKS is not used for any numeric grade averages.  ALEKS practice times are monitored regularly to ensure that students are progressing academically. As a guideline, students should be completing approximately one hour of ALEKS practice time each week.  Students will have time during class as well to help meet this weekly requirement.

    Homework scoring will be based on a 5 point scale.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss any grading concerns or questions.

    I have included a description of the meaning of each homework score below.

     Score   Descriptive Meaning
     5  The homework is complete, done accurately and with care, and the student demonstrates a clear understanding of the math concepts presented in the activity.
     4  The homework is complete, but has 1-2 errors.  The student understands much of the concept, but may still have difficulty with challenging problems.
     3  The homework was complete, but not done with care.  The homework also contains errors, and the student has not demonstrated a clear understanding of the concept.
     2  The homework was not complete, and/or contained errors, and the student has not demonstrated an understanding of the concept presented.
     1  The homework was not complete, and/or contained many errors, and the student has not demonstrated any understanding of the concept presented.    
     0  The homework was not done.

    To access resources from our class, click on the Math Wall link below.

    7th Grade Math Wall