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Multimedia Agendas and Assignments 2017-2018

Late Work Form. If you turn something in after the due date or I have not found it yet, fill out this form.

4th Quarter

5/31  Follow this tutorial and create a camera tracking shot using my footage on the server or your own. Here are the steps.

5/29 Shoot your own tracking shot and put something in it.
5/25  Instructions for corner pin shotTrack the computer shot and corner pin something on the screen.  Screen Replacement/Corner Pin video tutorial
5/17 Fill out this form with your favorite edit of your effects video.
5/14 Website work. 
5/11 Effects Story Due
5/1 Animate at least six lines total of your song and post to youtube and then your website.
4/24 Edit Obiwan renders together into entire breakdown video. Here's an example.
4/23 Finish Obiwan renders and bring into Final Cut for final editing tomorrow.
3/21 Shoot disappear shot
3/23 Edit and post disappear shot to Youtube and then to the forum. Comment on three that don't already have three comments. Explain what is good and what could be improved. Post your shot to a new Effects page on your website.
Vote in the March Madness competition.
Photo Assignment for Friday: Submit at least one photo to Alameda County Fair submissions folder on the server.
Homework: sign up for a free Second Life account before Thursday. Only 20 people can sign up from one location, so you will have to do this at home if we reach the limit here at school.
4/10 Shoot your own green screen shot, key it.
4/12 Finish your green screen shot, post it to youtube, then your website, then the forum. Critique at least three shots that don't have three critiques already. What did they do well, and how could it have been done better? Vote in the March Madness Round of 8.

3rd Quarter
1/29 Sign up for the SLAM Forum:
(if it asks for a password, it's "slamforum")
1. Fill out your profile and upload a picture of yourself for your avatar. No picture of you, no credit. Photo must be less than 1000x1000 or 1MB.
2. Say hello in the discussion forum
3. Find the next photo assignment.
4. Join your class group.
5. Download the next Animation assignment. Get started if you have time.
1/31 Create a panoramic background and motion tween it to move behind walk cycle.
2/5 Finish your walk cycle in Final cut with a title, credits, sound and command-t at start and finish.
2/6 Follow this tutorial to create a Bouncing Ball with Squash and Stretch
2/8 Make a stick figure dance with Bone Tool Animation. Make your guy dance to sound or whatever, here's how you import sound. Go to Lessons > Sound Sites to find good places for sounds.
Note: Students using copyrighted music are getting points off and will soon be getting 0's.
If you want Mr. Farley to look at a late assignment, fill out the late work form here.
2/12 Critique at least 3 portrait photos
2/26 Architecture Photo Assignment, Post your favorite animation as an embedded video to the forum, and comment on at least three animations that have less than 3 comments.
3/1-3/2 Rendering an image in C4D, Create a 3D Graphics page on your website and post your first image there along with a description of what it is and what you did. Also, post a shot to the 3D Graphics group in the Forum and comment on at least three posts that don't have 3 posts already.
3/5 Create a new scene. Watch as many of these tutorials as you can and make an object in your scene for each that you learn.
3/6 Animating with C4D. Create a new project or animate your first project.
3/8 Rendering your animation. Be sure to bring it into Final Cut, add a title and credit yourself, and add sound. Upload to youtube and post to your webpage.
3/9 Post your animation to your webpage (don't forget to write about it) and post your animation to the Videos Page on the forum. Comment on at least 3 animations that don't have 3 comments already.
3/12 Create a new scene. Watch at least 4 of these tutorials and make a scene that has at least 4 objects built with these skills. Texture and light your scene, then render an image.

3/16 Post all three 3D projects to your 3D page and write about each one: First 3D, 3D animation, and lathe, extrude, sweep tool graphic.

2nd Quarter: Fast for Nonviolence
    1. Interviewing skills
        10/24 Camera Sound Settings, Lav Mic recording and interviews.
     2. Documentary creation
        10/27 Record your voiceover, put into project, record B-roll.
        10/30-11/3 Edit your documentary, post it to Youtube and fill out this form to turn it in.
    3. Launching campaign.
        11/6 Create a Webpage on your website for your documentary.
11/7 Add a question form to your webpage to collect opinions. Follow these directions for creating a form.
11/8 Watch at least 4 documentaries from other groups, leave a Youtube comment on each, and answer their questions.
11/14 Post at least 4 of your best projects on your website home page along with at least a paragraph about each project. They can be from any other page and should show your best work.
        11/26 #slamshapephoto assignment due Friday.
11/28: Create your fast project website with all pages (just create and get started on the pages), create twitter account, research your topic and tweet at least three informational tweets about your topic. Fill out the website link and twitter form.

1st Quarter
8/24 Finish Sound Story Challenge
8/25 Pixar Story
8/28 Finish Pixar Story
9/8 Composition, Focus, and Light photo assignment, post Character to website.
9/12 Clone Stamp Mrs. Farley, Create a Photoshop page on your website and post your first composite and clone stamp to the page along with a paragraph about what you learned, what you did, and how it worked out.
9/14 Importing a photo into Lightroom
9/15 Comment on the composition, focus, and light of 5 #compfocuslight photos. Don't comment on photos that have over five comments already unless they all have over five.
9/19 Collage Project.
9/21 Website: You should have a Photoshop page, and a Photography page as well as a home page. Remember Line Photo due Midnight Tonight!
9/22 Line Photo Crit, Work on website
100 Images Assignment: Take or find 100 images or videos that represent you, your life, and what you love. You will use these in your English Project.
Due Monday 10/2. Have them in a folder on your computer.
9/25 Create your server folders. Start collecting your 100 images today. You may "find" half of your images, meaning they can be from the web.
9/26 Shoot at least five shots of you at school. Import the shots into a new Final Cut Event called autobiography.
Use these instructions to delete everything from your camera before and after you import the shots.
Use this intro to Final Cut for instructions on how to import your video files.
Be sure you have YOUR shots imported on your computer. It does you no good to have them on someone else's.
9/28 Record your voiceover if it is approved. Work on it if it is not. If you can't work on it, take pictures or video for your 100 pictures or videos due Monday.
Recording a Voiceover with GarageBand
10/2-10/3 Record your Autobiographical Poem! If you cannot, start editing your visual story or do 
Text(Meme Assignment). Due Tuesday, that's today.
Autobiographical Poem Turn in Form
10/16 Adjusting contrast with levels and curves
10/17 Helvetica
10/19 Typography Assignment