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Senior Project

Class Goals: 

This year we will create SLAM Studios, a student run studio producing excellent student created content for The School, Youtube, The City of San Leandro via Comcast, and others outlets.

Creating for yourselves

Creating for others

All projects and plans below can and will be changed to better meet the main goals above. If you have a good idea please bring it up. Remember that this class is meant to allow you to explore your creative and artistic skills.

All projects can be photography, animation, graphics, traditional drawing and painting, websites, or videos. Each project must be a multimedia project that can be shown in some way to others on your website, in a show, or printed.

Most projects follow the basic outline here:

Week 1: Planning. A written plan consisting of a short treatment (summary), who is working on the project, and a presentation, storyboard, sketches, or a script to help in implementing the plan. This plan will be discussed and critiqued on Basecamp.

Week 2: "Shooting". This is where you shoot your video, take your photos, draw, paint, or animate. You will show this progress on Basecamp.

Week 3: Rough Draft. Week three is rough draft week where you put your project together into a multimedia project that can be shown during Friday's critique.

Week 4: Final Publication and promotion. Any issues brought up during crit should be fixed this week. You will promote your project to your classmates, family, friends, the school, and to the world. Your finished project should be posted to your website along with a written description of the project and a reflection about what is important of unique about the project. We will critique on Friday.

SLAM Studios
SLAM Studios is our student-run television studio. We are building it this year. We will create shows for the school, for the city, and for the world. You will join, or be placed, on a team that will plan, execute, and publish shows to Youtube, to Comcast, and to our own student run 24hr. streaming station (we're setting it up right now).

Here are some of the shows we will be working on.
Feel free to make your own or make one of the ideas below your own.

Weekly Announcement Show (more than just announcements!)
???? You come up with a show and produce it.

Here is a preliminary outline of the projects we will do throughout the year. This list will change.

1st Quarter:

August: SLHS This Week Segment - a shortish 30-60 sec? video about an event, a student, a class, a lunchtime activity, or issue. You can do a video, graphic, or slideshow. Due  Wed. Aug. 29

September: Choice Project Due Sept. 28, Start SLAM Studio Project.

October: Identity Project, First SLAM Studio Project Due Oct. 12.

2nd Quarter:


Fast for Nonviolence

Website Final

Final Semester 

3rd Quarter


Season of Service Mini-Documentary for Service project


4th Quarter


SLAMMY Project

Final Reel and Website Portfolio


Portfolio, Participation, and Passion.

To be successful in multimedia you must show three things: Portfolio, Participation, and Passion.

Portfolio: The quality of your portfolio will be 50% of your grade. You will build your website throughout the year showing projects you have worked on as well as your thoughts and reflections about those projects. I expect a good looking site with a good representation of your best work along with thoughtful reflection on the process and the results.

Participation: Your participation in classroom discussions, critique, broadcasts, projects, and activities will be the other 50% You must get involved in SLAM projects, activities, the operation of the classroom, and be a good team-mate when you are in a group. You can choose the way you get involved, but you are expected to become a leader and valued member of a team as well as participate in SLAM activities.

Passion: OK there is no place in the grade book for passion but this is the most important of all because if this doesn't exist, none of the others can. You must have passion for what you do. Only you know what makes you tick, what makes you happy. I expect your projects to reflect your passions. Example: you're a skater, a basketball player, or an artist. Your weekly photos should be pictures of these things. You should make skater films, videos of games, slideshows of your paintings. Bring what you do best into your work for this class.