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The SLAMMYS are May 31st

posted Apr 5, 2018, 12:25 PM by Tony Farley   [ updated May 10, 2018, 12:02 PM ]
The 2018 SLAMMYS are Thursday, May 31st at 6pm in the AEC.
The SLAMMYS are the San Leandro Academy for Multimedia's annual award and student recognition show. Students will be recognized for good attendance, good grades, interactions with their peers, The Joel Ramirez Scholarship, The SLAM Scholarship, and finally the coveted SLAMMY statue for media excellence in the categories below.

Admission to the SLAMMYS is $5. All funds go toward the SLAM Scholarship Fund for a Senior bound for a media career.

Deadline for Submissions: May 11th

You must be signed in with your slam email account to fill it out.

Here are the categories for this year's SLAMMYS
Categories without excellent media will be collapsed (happens every year).

2D Graphic
3D Model or Animation
Photography (3 entries per student. Each grade will win 1)
Media for English Project
Media for Social Studies Project
Public Service Announcement (30 seconds max)
Service Project (created for SLAM or another group or person)
Visual Effects (can be photo or video)
Digital Porfolio
Project Promoting Social Responsibility
Music Video
Narrative (must tell a story)

New Categories!
Phil Hargrave Award for Media with an Environmental Theme
Presentation (must be a filmed Ted Talk-like presentation, spoken word, rant, poetry, music, or performance using visuals)

"Tech" Awards
all above submitted projects above will be considered for these categories
Screenwriting (writing must be evident in the piece)

New Categories!
Broadcasting Talent
Broadcasting Crew

All work other than Music Video must not violate copyright laws to be considered. Music videos that use popular copyrighted music never win, but feel free to try. If YouTube deletes it though, it cannot be judged so it will be disqualified.