Senior Project Agendas 2019

SLAM Studios Projects

This is SL -City events, issues, people, places to go, restaurant reviews, interviews
School Events Show -clubs, sports, rallies events, issues, student spotlights, interviews
Comedy Show -funny videos, games, skits, bloopers, youtube videos, memes, vines, or whatever is funny these days.
Cooking Show - recipes, techniques, restaurant reviews, interviews with local chefs, SL Anthony Bourdain, cooking at school, nutrition.
Game of the Week -need 10 people to pull off a game of the week broadcast. Need announcers, must do one a week.
Weekly Announcement Show -more than just announcements! need graphics, ads, PSA's, interviews, sports recap, steal the best from other shows, etc. Shot 6th every Wednesday finished on Friday.

Timeline for show:

Deadline 1: November 9 Content for one show above needs to be done. No more than 3 people per piece.

Each segment of a show should be 2-5 minutes long. 30-60 second ads, graphics, and PSAs can also be created. 
Graphics people: an add can have a graphic and a voiceover. Graphics should also be made for the show intro or for the needs of the show.

Assignment 1: Sign up on the SLAM Forum, use your name, not something crazy. Determine what content you will work on and with who, and post it to the show's Forum Group:

Deadline 2: November 16 Shows need to be done.

Need a script for introducing segments and plan for going to ads/PSAs. Will film this in the studio or you can film it on location somewhere else.

Shows should be 15-30 minutes long total.

Show outline:
You can do your show however you want. This is just a sample outline to get you going. For better results, watch a show you like and copy their format.

  • Introduce show: Hello and welcome to __________. In this show you will see ______________________.
  • Our first video is about ____________.
  • Go to video
  • Next we have a PSA about ______________
  • Next, a video about _______________.
  • And finally a video about ____________.
  • Thank you for watching our first episode of _______________. It's been fun.