Season of Service

The Season of Service is a 10 week period between MLK Day and Cesar Chavez day where different student groups take on service projects promoting peace and understanding.

SOS/POP Projects

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For the Jan/Feb Service projects, teams of 2 Seniors need to create a 30-60 second mini-documentary of a Season of Service project. You should film or take pictures of a meeting of the club/group planning their activity, film/photo their activity, and interview at least two students about their activity. Your documentary is due one week from the date of the activity.

Put your names next to the instructors name like I did with the first one below.

Google Spreadsheet

The Story of The Season of Service

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Weeks of the Season

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Week of the SeasonDatesGroupsPlanned ActivitySLAM Coverage Team
Week 11/16-1/20AASUAnnual MLK Day March SLHS to City Hall 1/17 @ 3:15pmCeCe, Emmy, Evan
Week 21/23-27Business Academy SLAM???

SLAM Fast for Nonviolence
Students will participate in the 10th Annual Fast for Nonviolence. Groups of SLAM students will create a media campaign on causes of their choice and present their campaign to classes, other schools, and on the internet.
BA: Victoria, Hanny, Yolanda SLAM: Darryl, Monae, Teo
Week 31/30-2/3 DECAJan 23 - Announce and collect toiletries from classes and teachers. Pass out paper bags to classes that want to participate. Collect two weeks later on Feb 3 to donate to Calico Center for Child Abuse. On Jan 26-27 put up a poster where students can add post it notes about ways to rise above violence.DECA: Genard, Eric
Week 42/4-2/10Octagon AVID 
Avid: Students will collect for, put together and pass out female necessity bags to homeless women. Students will then teach their peers why helping the community in this way is important.
Octagon: Rafael, Francisco
Week 52/13-2/17Key Club Key Club: Thirst Project
Key Club: Hanny, Carlos, Anjelika, Abraham.

Week 62/27-3/3BLC

Hack Club


Book Afictionatos
BLCCampaign that addresses health disparities
Hack ClubA website with links to sites where someone in need can find help. Book aFICTIONados: March 5th. Book club, science club, and cinema club plan to show a movie about animals to raise awareness about animal abuse in the AEC if possible. All proceeds will be donated to the SPCA animal shelter, or another similar organization.
BLC: Emely


Book Afictionatos: Karen, Alex
Week 73/6-3/10Notables ELD 1&2 NotablesNotables will travel to classes that sign up and sing for them. The song that we have chosen for this year is "The Greatest Love of All."
ELD: Through our project, we hope to bring a discussion about the benefits of multilingualism and multiculturalism. We hope to educate first our students, and then have them in turn educate the wider school community about the many benefits of being bilingual. We also want to address the negative stereotypes and common beliefs about people who are English learners or have not yet learned English who live in our society. We hope to start to bridge the cultural and social gap between English Learners (ELs) and native English speakers at our school. It is our belief that learning another language or learning about another culture can build empathy between and among individuals and groups. As part of this process, our ELD students will produce a tangible product that they will share with the student body during the week that will help explain our students' background and experiences and allow them to share this with their peers. We are also examining other ways that we can host events for students to enable us to do empathy-building and allow our ELD students to share their incredible experiences and knowledge with the rest of SLHS.
Notables: Yolanda Torres, Skyler Linn, Evan Stanley

ELD: Andre, Aiden
Week 83/13-3/17Junior Class


Junior Class: Addressing the issue of Food deserts. Contact: Mr. Chapdelaine x2248 SJA: Sophomores: The sophomore class will be conducting workshops in the middle schools titled “Be the Change”. They hope to empower the younger students by engaging them in workshops that address pieces of their identity, the struggles they may face, and the world they live in. The sophomores will use restorative circles. Juniors: The junior class of SJA will be conducting surveys and facilitating workshops on campus. The goal of the workshop is to get an idea of the issues that concern our students and positive and productive ways to address them. The format of the workshop will be a restorative circle. Then, during SJA's SOS week, they will hold a 3 day festival at lunch presenting their findings using art, music, poetry, and so forth. Seniors: The senior class will be organizing an evening event to discuss the issues facing the community and ways in which to build and strengthen it. S.O.S. will feature art, poetry, music, and activities that will engage the audience in the conversation. SJA will also be inviting leaders in the school and larger community to speak at the event. It will be held in the AEC. The workshops that the juniors and sophomores will be facilitating will also work to support the seniors’ event. SJA: Omotara Oloye, Adrian Farias,
Evelyn Esquivel, Emily Ramirez
Week 93/20-3/24Wood Tech Club Rainbow

Club Rainbow will do a teach-in at the 
March 6th Faculty Meeting.  We will teach about pronouns and Gender.  We will explain to the staff that  during the week March 20th- March 24- Club Rainbow will distribute 5 buttons to every teacher in the school to distribute to the the students that want them. Motto: We Belong Here
Wood Tech: Rebecca, Andre

Club Rainbow: Jasmin True, Austin Ortiz, Emily Wang.
Week 103/27-3/31Art Dept Graphics ART: Drawing & Painting classes taught by Ms. Garvey, Ms. Dove, and Ms. Brown will create projects that communicate positive messages and calls to action through art. Ms. Dove and Ms. Brown will have students create self-portraits with inspiring quotes. Ms. Garvey's class will create "zines" (mini-comics) that illustrate various social causes. Toward the end of SOS, we will curate an exhibit of all the artwork in the AEC as well as the glass cases on FTK. Zines will be sold at the reception and in the quad with proceeds going to the appropriate cause (date TBD).Art: Maya Ramirez, Kiera

Graphics: Austin, Rochelle, Wendy, Ronney

Jefferson Service Club PSA

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Black Lives Matter Art Project

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The San Leandro High School Art classes are supporting Black Lives Matter with their art.

SJA Save our Society PSA

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SLHS Drama Club To Read to Elementary Students

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A PSA about the SLHS Drama Club's Season of Service project to read stories to elementary school students.

Everybody Matters

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A PSA about the SLHS DECA Club's Season of Service project to show that everybody matters here at SLHS and some very important people are left out of our thoughts.

Cooking Club PSA

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A PSA about the SLHS Cooking Club's Season of Service project to cook yummy treats for our Special Ed. classes.

Business Academy PSA

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A PSA about the SLHS Business Academy's Season of Service project.

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