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Recommended Media Programs

This is a list of recommended media programs. There are many more but these are the ones we know about.

Berkeley City College Multimedia Arts -BCC has an extensive multimedia program teaching script writing, video editing, motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation, and much much more. SLAM has had many graduates go to BCC and they have all been happy with what they found there.

Chabot Arts, Media, and Communication. Chabot's multimedia programs have gone from nowhere to awesome in the last five years and great programs are offered there. Their programs include architecture, studio and commercial art, communication studies, film and animation, graphic design, mobile and web design, mass communications, music, music recording, humanities, philosophy, photography, religious studies, and theater arts.

Chabot Broadcasting - The SLHS Broadcasting program was modeled after the Chabot program with much advice and sharing of information between the two programs. We bought similar equipment that you will see at Chabot so you can walk right in and start being productive. Their website is being reworked right now but you can also check out ChabotTV here.