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Submit and Win at the Alameda County Fair!

posted Feb 2, 2018, 6:42 AM by Tony Farley   [ updated Apr 5, 2018, 11:23 AM ]

SLAM students won many prizes and ribbons at last year's County Fair. This year they will have to open a new exhibit just for our work.

Deadline: April 25th

Some SLAMMish Categories

Photography (Printed & Non Printed)  We submitted a lot of non-printed last year and the work is shown on little monitors that nobody looks at. So we will be printing everything this year. 

Candid, Animal or People
Still Life
Special Effects/Composite (describe) Commercial/Advertising Project
Fair Theme Photo (Hello Summer!)
Narrative Photography (tells a story)
Macro/Bokeh (extreme close-up)
Warped Perspective (fish eye, tilt-shift, etc.)

Color Emphasis (Digital Photography Only) 

Digital Drawing & Painting


Any Computer Graphics (CD cover, Logo/Business Card, advertising flyer, etc.) 

Computer & Video

  1. Short Film

    Computer Based Animation Be sure to follow all copyright laws in use of music, text, and images. Violations will result in disqualification


Fair Theme Poster

  • Design a poster for the 2018 Alameda County Fair! The fair theme is Hello Summer!

  • Create or print your poster on white 9 x 12” to 11 x 17” paper

Fair of the Future

  • Show us your ideas for a future fair! What new food, activity or entry category would you like to see at a future fair?

  • Create or print your entry on white 9 x 12” to 11 x 17” paper  

Literature Based Art

Creative Writing & Literacy

Poetry, Short Stories, Any Other Creative Writing (story board, song lyrics, interview with a Literary character, etc.)