Tuesday Projects in the Fast for Nonviolence

posted Jan 24, 2017, 7:23 AM by Tony Farley

Youth Stand with Homeless Women
Team Members: Ella Lowder, Bryanna Felarca, Anais Castro, Naomi Churchill, Tessa Mok, Hunter Sacery, Elizabeth Waters-Leiga, Candace Young, Whitney Pham

Team Members: Seniors: Hanny Q, Carlos R, Armando O.
Juniors: Lily C, Vei S, Vanessa V, Teresa N, Kevin H, Oscar H, Armani B, and Rene.

Sexual Assault and Rape (team 1)
Team Members: Camila Benites, Kenny Moore, and Olivia Imachi

Sexual Assault and Rape (team 2)
Team Members: Alondra Flores, Abel Lopez, Alex Rangel, Lucas Cannon, Jedd Padua, Fatima Catolos, Hannah Ly

Gun Control
Members: Gavin Harrington, Marco Guilbert, Aidan Zuber, Oliver Breslin, Miles Carson, Cody Proctor