The 2018 Fast for Nonviolence

posted Oct 12, 2017, 12:46 PM by Tony Farley   [ updated Nov 27, 2017, 12:50 PM ]
The 2018 Fast for Nonviolence will be based on Bassem Youseff and Sara Taksler's challenge to:

"Tickle the giants in your own life! Find creative, non-violent ways to express yourself when power is abused. From a protest against a world leader to standing up to a bully in a school cafeteria. Inspire others and share your experiences with the hashtag #TicklingGiants

Students will identify a "giant" in their life and use humor and creativity to expose, satirize, and bring about change through media.

Each Fast project will include the following:
  • One or more videos that take on a social issue important to you. This can be a documentary, or a creative piece. Should contain humor! Also, include information/thoughts about either a contemporary leader on the issue or an important historical person involved in the issue.
  • A twitter feed that shows multiple posts per day about the issue.
  • A discussion, on video, of the issue between 3 or more people. Must include laughing, opinions, knowledge, and thoughts of an important person dealing with the issue.
  • At least three graphics, memes, or flyers on the topic.
  • A website showing all your work.
  • A presentation introducing your cause, your video, links to your website, your social media, your graphics, and your solution.

Timeline for project:

Info about teams: Fast for Nonviolence Topic and Teams

When you choose your topic and team fill out this form: Fast Team and Topic Form.

11-28/29 Choose your teams. Create your fast project website with all pages (just create and start the pages), create twitter account, research your topic and tweet at least three informational tweets about your topic.

Dec. 8: Voiceover written, 3 shots of B-roll and 2 interviews shot, website started, twitter account started and 3 tweets per day tweeted.

Dec. 15: Rough Draft of video due, website homepage complete, other pages started, graphics complete and on website, 3 tweets per day.

Dec. 21: Video complete, website complete, graphics included in video, website. 3 tweets per day, start presentation (4-8 slides, very little text.)

Jan. 12: Presentation complete.

Jan 15: Presentations in SLAM classes as practice.

Jan 22: Fast for Nonviolence begins!

Jan 26: Fast for Nonviolence ends.

1. We can all challenge abuses of power, in our own creative, non-violent ways.

We want to generate a movement where people choose to start #TicklingGiants. It could be a bully in a classroom, a boss who takes advantage, or a president who has gone too far. When you see someone abusing power, do something and share it with the hashtag #TicklingGiants

2. Free speech is under attack and we must defend it.

Journalists, comedians, and artists around the world are facing increasing criticism and in some cases, censorship. We must fight for the right to free speech and advocate for others who do not have the freedom to speak out.

3. The Muslim community worldwide, including in Arab countries, is under attack.

Support movements that welcome and engage Muslims. Let Muslims in your community know that you are an ally. Tell your government representatives that you believe in equality for all people, regardless of religion, and let them know that you celebrate diversity in your community.

4. Creativity and humor can make difficult issues easier to discuss.

Encourage art, music, comedy, and other creative ways of challenging power. Draw a picture. Sing a song. Art may help you express yourself, and sharing it may also help someone around you. Instigate an art explosion that reflects the challenges of our time.

5. The people of Egypt are not currently able to live freely, but there is still hope for a better future. 

Change takes time. Instead of accepting the injustices in Egypt, discuss the Arab Spring with those you know and keep the ideals of free expression alive. Encourage people that may not already know about the Arab Spring to learn about and discuss the challenges facing Egyptians right now.