English 3

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Class Assignments and Events
  • If you have an excused absence, you have 2 days for each day you missed to make up any assignments. Unexcused absences don't allow for make-up work.
  • If you just miss an assignment, you must come to Study Hall and you have that week only to make up the assignment; however, you will lose 10%. 
(due 2/15 by 11:59 p.m.)
  • Watch Into the Wild
  • Work on projects 
  • Review video rubric
  • Watch Into the Wild
  • Watch Into the Wild and work on project 
  • Video Project Plan: download rubric below; filming should be completed by Sunday; edit next week. All videos should be uploaded to YouTube by Friday, Feb. 15th
  • Work on video storyboard/script (download below) and/or filming
  • (SLAM Field Trip)
  • Work on video storyboard/script (download below) and/or filming
  • Work on video storyboard/script (download below) and/or filming
  • Work on video storyboard/script (download below)
  • Read from Walden, p. 11-14. Make notes and underline key ideas. 
  • Discuss "Think" questions on p. 14. (if you are absent, you will need to complete the questions on paper). 
Homework: The Individual (due Thursday for period 5 and Friday for period 6)
  1. Write about a time when you felt you were living life to the fullest. 
  2. Find a quote by either Emerson or Thoreau that means something to you.
If you type your homework, turn it in here. If you used your slusd account to write your short essay, you will need to open it in another Google account because it will not work.

  •  Groups complete their "Song of Myself" assignments. On the back of your paper, write a summary interpretation of the section you have read. 
  • Turn in
Lecture: Emerson's call for an American Poet: 
Poet of the people; democratic poet, Bard of the people:
  • free-verse poetry
  • colloquialisms
Groups divide "Song of Myself" into sections. Find these four devices in the play: speaker(s), setting(s), metaphors (at least 4), and any allusions (there may be none). 

  • Quiz on Walt Whitman and vocabulary from "Song of Myself"
Writing Prompt: 
Describe the individual you are today. Describe the individual you want to become. Think about what values are important to you, your interests, etc.
1/7Writing Prompt:
What was the high point of your winter break? What was the low point? What is the best thing about returning to school? What is the worst?

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