English 2

Periods 1-3
Class Events and Assignments
  • If you have an excused absence, you have 2 days for each day you missed to make up any assignments. Unexcused absences don't allow for make-up work.
  • If you just miss an assignment, you are expected to come to Study Hall and you have that week only to make up the assignment; if you choose to to attend Study Hall, but you turn in the assignment that week, you will lose 20%. After the week is over, the assignment will not be accepted.
  • Notebook: 
Finish this story: There I was with a cat in Barnes and Noble with a cat...


  • Library 

  • Turn in Homework: “Unit 2 Vocabulary: Prefixes Inter- and Intro-” 
  • Complete “Lesson 74: Colons” and turn in 

  • Complete “Lesson 75: Semicolons” and turn in
  • Homework: “Unit 2 Vocabulary: Prefixes Inter- and Intro-” 
  • Periods 1-2 — Guest Speaker
  • Period 3, 6 —remaining speeches
  • Speeches 
  • Speeches 
  • Prepare for speech 
  • Mini-Speech Practice worksheet (download at the bottom of this page) Turn in tomorrow or Thursday.
  • Periods 1-2: Picnic
  • Periods 3 & 6: Work on speech. 
  • Choose your topic.
  • Begin researching and drafting your speech. Complete "Writing My Speech" (download at the bottom of the page). Due Tuesday 9/3.
Read the article associated with your group. Take notes on the chart you are given (download at the bottom of the page). Share your notes wit your group. Following that, you will complete the questions. 

Group 4 - Article #4: Why You Need to Be a Decent Public Speaker (US News & World Report)

Group 5 - Download this article at the very bottom of the page: "Public Speaking Skills Not Just Important..."

  • Notebooks: Respond to this quote. Do you agree? Why or why not? “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” - Rumi

Complete these questions in complete sentences and explain as best you can. Be honest and specific.

Speech Pre-Assessment

1. What does the expression “15 Minutes of Fame” mean? (Have you heard it before?)

2. What is your general opinion about public speaking?

3. Do you feel that public speaking is important to an average person’s life? (Will those skills ever come in handy for you later?)

4. What do you already know about what is necessary (or what NOT to do) to give a good speech?

5. What are some things you have to keep in mind while brainstorming or writing a speech?

6. What should you keep in mind WHILE giving a speech? 
  • Discuss quote responses from yesterday and reading biographies 
  • Vocabulary.com - Join the appropriate class and complete the "Practice" assignment. Due Friday, 8/24 by 11:59 p.m.
Periods 1-3, 6 
  • Notebooks: Respond to this quote. Do you agree? Why or why not? “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” –Frederick Douglass.
  • Complete Vocabulary 1 worksheet

Periods 1-2 
  • Name Game!
  • Notebooks: Write about your reading history. Include whatever you think is important or stands out. Learning to read? Being read to? Reading in school? Books or other reading materials you enjoyed? Anything that changed? Got better? Worse? Current reading habits, experiences, opinions? Best book you read lately? Worst?
Periods 3&6
  • Notebooks: Write down Affirmation #1 and one other one (see the syllabus for the Affirmations). For each of them, answer these three questions: 
    • What do you think it means? 
    • Give an example—think of one example of what it would it look like if a student were acting out this affirmation.
    • How do you think the affirmation helps to make this classroom a better environment? 

  • Syllabus Quiz - complete this assignment by referring to the class syllabus as you answer the questions.
  • Complete and turn in six-word memoirs
8/15   Literary Terms:
  • Six-Word Memoirs
  • "About Me" worksheet completion 

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