English 2

Periods 1-3
Class Events and Assignments
  • If you have an excused absence, you have 2 days for each day you missed to make up any assignments. Unexcused absences don't allow for make-up work.
  • If you just miss an assignment, you must come to Study Hall and you have that week only to make up the assignment; however, you will lose 10%. 
  • Finish any incomplete levels in escape room.
  • Review answers for test on Act 1 on Monday
  • Escape room questions can be downloaded below to study (if you have trouble understanding Macbethtry studying from No Fear Shakespeare.)

2/7Act 1 Escape Room 

  • Groups paraphrase Lady Macbeth's soliloquy on p. 31-33
  • Watch Macbeth (2015 version)
  • Work day 
  •  Watch Macbeth (Polanski, ew, but the film is good). 
Period 3 only - 
  • Add to "Fate or free will" with the following prompt:
  • "Fair is Foul" - Copy Duncan's line from Act 1, Scene 4, Lines 13-14 (p. 27): "There's no art..." Explain what this quote means.
  • Review Macbeth, Act 1, scenes 1-2
  • Read scene 3. 
  • Paraphrase Macbeth's aside on page 23, lines 143-155, beginning with "This supernatural soliciting..." and ending with "but what is not"
  • What is the structure of a Shakespeare play?
  • The story arc - learn it, love it, live it
  • See "Worksheet 5 - The Story" below: periods 1-2, complete the character web; period 3, complete both sides and then turn in.
  • Periods 1-2: read Act 1, scenes 2-3

  • Go to library to get Macbeth (Folger's edition)
  • Write these terms and find the definitions.
    1. comedy (a play)
    2. tragedy (a play) 
    3. history (a play) 
    4. plot 
    5. character
    6. protagonist
    7. antagonist

    8. soliloquy
    9. prophecy
    10. climax 
    11. imagery
 1/11All about the three witches in Act 1, Scene 1 of Macbeth. Read that page and watch the same scene in this film: Macbeth, directed by Roman Polanski 
"Dear Shakespeare..."
Write a letter to Shakespeare. You can make it a fan letter, a critical letter, or whatever you'd like. The only rules are that you use the list of words as described below:

Use all of these words at least once:


Choose two verbs like these present tense verbs (you can think of your own):


You could also use this past-tense verb in place of one of the verbs above:
Writing Prompt: Why Shakespeare?
Take 7-10 minutes to explain your knowledge, thoughts, opinions, feelings, questions, etc. about Shakespeare and his work.

Writing Prompt (add to earlier writing):
Summarize the main ideas of this short film.

Shakespearean language (take notes)

1/7Writing Prompt:
What was the high point of your winter break? What was the low point? What is the best thing about returning to school? What is the worst?

Files to Download
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Shakespearean Insults

"What's going on in this picture?"


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