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2012 01/31

January 31, 2012, 7:30 pm - 9:05 pm


Schuler Books & Music

Community Room
2660 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512


The January 2012 meeting of the chapter was called to order by President Brandon Hoving (National Weather Service Grand Rapids) at 7:30 pm. Approximately 21 people in total were in attendance at the meeting. Quite a few new people were in attendance at the meeting, and as a result, we went around the room introducing ourselves. President Hoving and Vice-President Jeruzal were in attendance. Treasurer Marino was late due to a minor auto accident on his way to the meeting. Secretary Dale was unable to attend due to a personal commitment.


President Hoving talked about with the New Year upon us, that it is time to renew dues for 2012. Dues are once again $10 for members, and $5 for student members. A new person attending a meeting for the first time asked who could become a member, and why it is beneficial to become a member. President Hoving and Vice-President Jeruzal responded that anyone can become a member, and the benefits include: voting rights in chapter affairs and elections, supporting the chapter financially, and free forecast contest entries are the biggest benefits.


Vice-President Jeruzal then gave an update on the winter forecast contest. The lack of snow thus far this season, with only 32.2 inches as of midnight 1/31, has allowed everyone to remain in the running for seasonal snowfall. The other two forecast items and who is leading follows below:


-Max 24 hour snow (mid-mid) 6.0 inches – 1/14; Leaders are Brandon and Nathan with 8.0 in

-Coldest Minimum Temperature +3F – 1/19; Leader is Jared DePouw +2F 


President Hoving then gave the treasurer’s report for the chapter, with Treasurer Marino not in attendance yet. The Chapter has $185 in its bank accounts as of the beginning of the meeting. 17 people did pay their dues after the meeting, bringing the total up to $355 dollars.                                 


President Hoving then gave a presentation that went through some of the winter weather/snow events that we have had in the area thus far this winter season. He went through some data for each event, and explained some of the unique features of each event.


TJ Turnage then gave a brief Dual-Pol example of the January 1 event in which rain occurred in the morning, and then changed over to snow toward the afternoon hours.


President Hoving thanked TJ for talking about the Dual-Pol examples. An honorary membership for 2012 was given to TJ for presenting at the meeting. President Hoving then thanked everyone in attendance for coming to the meeting. The next meeting is being planned for the first portion of March, and is expected to be held in Lansing. More details will be sent out as they become available.




Nathan Jeruzal – Vice President, for Robert Dale - Secretary