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2011 11/21

November 21, 2011 7:30 pm - 9:10 pm


Schuler Books & Music

Community Room
2660 28th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512


The November 2011 meeting of the chapter was called to order by President Brandon Hoving (National Weather Service Grand Rapids) at 7:30 pm. We began with an introduction of the Executive Board. Brandon and Nathan Jeruzal, Vice-President were present at the meeting. William Marino, Chapter Treasurer, was not able to attend due to recent surgery, and Robert Dale, Chapter Secretary, was unable to attend due to personal reasons. Approximately 20 people in total were in attendance at the meeting.


President Hoving discussed the results of the recent chapter elections. There was only one set of nominations submitted. That set of nominations was for the current Officers to be elected for another year. Numerous chapter members voted via email to elect the current Officers for the 2012 Chapter Year. The final election results for 2012 are as follows:


President – Brandon Hoving (National Weather Service Grand Rapids)

Vice-President – Nathan Jeruzal (National Weather Service Grand Rapids)

Secretary – Robert Dale (Skywatch Services)

Treasurer – William Marino (National Weather Service Grand Rapids)


President Hoving then moved on to announce the winners of the 2011 Summer Forecast Contest. The winners were:


-Warmest high Grand Rapids: Bill Marino with 97° on 7/22, the actual 97° on 7/20

-Warmest high Lansing: Jeff Wilhelm with 96° on 7/15, the actual 96° on 7/21

-90 degree days at Grand Rapids: Jon Shaner with 11 days, the actual 12 days

-90 degree days at Lansing: Dave Carmichael with 12 days, the actual 14 days

-Warmest water temperature: Brandon Hoving with 76° on 8/15, the actual 80° on 7/21


The winners were presented with an opportunity for a gift card for various businesses.


President Hoving then turned over the floor to Vice-President Jeruzal. A quick set of introductions was done of the members present at the meeting since there were a couple of new faces present. On behalf of the officers, a thank you was then given to Linda Paige, the new chapter webmaster, for the work she has done to update the chapter website. A thank you was also given to the chapter members for voting in the elections, and for the support they have given the chapter to make it succeed in the inaugural year.


Vice-President Jeruzal then presented a power point slide deck produced by Secretary Dale concerning Dual Pol Radar. The presentation of the Dual-Pol Radar information was given since the NWS Grand Rapids radar will soon be upgraded to Dual-Pol at the end of the month and beginning of December. The presentation was given at the meeting to give a brief introduction of Dual-Pol products, and how they will enhance the current radar suite of products. There are plans on having a more in depth Dual-Pol Radar talk at a near-future meeting.


Craig Woods, a retired Meteorologist from WOOD-TV 8 Grand Rapids, was then introduced to the meeting attendees as the main speaker for the meeting. Craig’s topic for the night was “Climate Change and CO2”. Craig presented a lot of information in the form of graphs and charts to support his view on Climate Change on the Earth. He also talked about the different ways that climate data has been researched in the past, prior to records being kept. A lot of this information was gathered from numerous sources, including academia, NASA, NOAA, and other experts in the field of climate. 


President Hoving thanked Craig for coming to the meeting and giving a very informative talk. An honorary membership for 2012 was given to Craig for presenting at the meeting. President Hoving then thanked everyone in attendance for coming to the meeting. He mentioned that the next meeting will occur after the first of the year with details to be determined.




Nathan Jeruzal – Vice President, for Robert Dale - Secretary