"With a Song in my Heart"

* Over 5,000 solo performances since 2000! *
"just traveling along singing a song"

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Whether it's a Gershwin medley or an Ellington melody - or a song written by favorite lyricist Johnny Mercer, Skye can be heard day in and day out, throughout New England, singing songs from The Great American Songbook, often accompanying herself with one of her unusual harps. The standards and swing tunes from the 20s, 30s, and 40s are her specialty, but she includes Broadway hits, movie themes, jazz, waltzes, traditional singalongs, and the occasional classical and Celtic, or country-western selection. Performances are individually tailored to the requests of her audience and dependent on the atmosphere that is being created.

A classically trained vocalist, for years Skye sang with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus and the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Symphony Hall, Carnegie Hall, and at Tanglewood, and, before settling in New England, with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and Chamber Chorus. As a jazz singer, she has sung with the following groups: Arthur Medeiros Swing Band, Attleboro Concert Band, Brown University Jazz Band, Downtown Jazz Orchestra, Eastwood Swing Orchestra (together for 25 years, so far), Invitation, Meadow-Larks, New Bedford Concert Band, Northeastern Concert Band, Pawtucket Concert Band, RSVP Band (as an honorary Retired Senior!), and Travelin' Light, a jazz duo.

While music has always been her hobby (writing songs, singing in musical theater productions and church choirs, and playing flute in community bands), Skye is also a very busy freelance musician (she has been known to do 400 engagements per year!) working in venues as diverse as wineries, libraries, churches, and private homes, senior centers and retirement communities, and nursing homes, Alzheimer's care units, and hospice situations. To spread the word about the benefits of being a daytime entertainer, Skye has written a book entitled "Songs in Season: a Musician's Guide to Becoming a Daytime Entertainer and hosts an internet forum on the topic, called DaytimeEntertainers. But she still finds time to birdwatch and exercise the family beagle by riding a kid-style scooter on the local bike path and hiking in the woods with her musician husband.

Skye has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and a Master's Degree in Audiology, but it is her thirty years of professional singing experience that make her easy to work with as a solo artist. Both Skye's gracious manner and enthusiasm put audiences at ease.

Her gift is her song.

A Note from Skye:

As a child, I was moved by the story of Jane Froman in the movie "With A Song In My Heart." I remember well the scene where she overcomes adversity (the loss of the use of her legs) by singing for the troops during WWII onstage from a hidden, motorized wheelchair. Her kind of courage set the tone for my life. (The story of Itzak Perlman playing a symphonic piece in concert with only three strings on his violin after the fourth broke is another example of "making lemonade." Perlman's words: "Sometimes it is the artist's task to find out how much music you can still make with what you have left." Or, in my uncle's words: "It isn't what you're dealt that matters in life, it's how you deal with it.").

My life was re-harmonized a few years ago when, of all things, a fortune cookie message I received said:

"Sing and Rejoice!"

Since then, I have taken the literal meaning of the word rejoice - "to give joy to" - as my reason for being (clearly, I was born to sing). My task is made quite simple by singing with a harp; everyone seems touched, at some level, by the combination.

It is the songs - the wonderful songs written by the great songwriters of the first half of the 20th Century - that captured my heart and seem to reach people most deeply. Their responses are frequently magical. Joy is often right there!

Notes from others:

"Skye's voice adds warmth to any song. The harp accompaniment makes the experience that much richer. It would make any heart sing!"

- M.R.S., Barrington, RI

"Nice person to work with. Wonderful atmosphere created with harp and singing voice."

- P.M., Warwick, RI

"Skye's voice is exquisite."

- E.B., Providence, RI

"Thank you, again, for a wonderfully entertaining program. It must be a great feeling to know that you are able to use your musical skills to entertain and also to know that your music is tapping into the memories of your audiences. I was much aware of the 'toe tapping' by people who looked like 'basket cases.' Wow! Music is a powerful tool when used properly...and use it you do!""

- W.D., Foxboro, MA

"[Skye] is traveling from senior center to senior center, singing the complex, syncopated standards penned by Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan, Duke Ellington, and Rodgers and Hammerstein. And her audience is singing right along with her."

      - Donna Riley-Lein, Neighbors Newspaper in Northern Rhode Island

Notes of inspiration:

"Song is the wind chime of memory."

    - Writer James Maher

"A song is a two- hour movie told in two minutes."

   - Singer/Pianist Ray Charles

"Whenever I get a book on neurology or psychology, the first thing I look up in the index is music, and if it's not there, I close the book."

   - Neurologist/Researcher Oliver Sacks, M.D.

Skye Hurlburt                                            401-855-4645
                                                PO Box 111
Vocalist and Harpist                          Skye@SkyeNotes.com                            Harmony, RI 02829

             "just traveling along singing a song"