The Unseen Opportuniti£$ Of The
Global Financial Crisis
For Your Business in 2010!

By Skull Copy (

Is the current global financial crisis giving your business severe headaches and challenging obstacles?, Giving you too much cause for worry on how to maintain and run your business? Putting you and your business in very deep financial and credit turmoil’s? And putting your business at the brink of collapse and shutdown?

In this current deep global financial crisis weathers, we are sure the crisis is giving you and your business too much worry than you ever expected or have ever experienced/imagined, but we at Skull E-Adz, have super incredible news for you and your business, and our news is that this is the perfect time and once in a life’s time opportunity to grow, expand & explode your business to new horizons very easily and quickly, than any other time frame, and finally fully achieve the planned vision of your business, while others are collapsing and rotting away!!

Have you ever paused to wonder what would be the result and benefits for you and your business if your business is able to successfully weather, thrive, and survive excellently in this serious current global financial crisis, which is currently engulfing businesses worldwide in serious collapses, losses and shut downs, including even the largest, biggest, richest and most successful businesses?

Here is one (1) of the most important benefits!

Your business would greatly flourish, expand, and explode to heights beyond your imaginations with severe great speed within a very short time frame, as your business market for once in a life’s time is currently free and less congested, with fewer competitors and several loose clients/customers for grabs, since several prominent strong competitors have already met their water loo and completely collapsed/shut down, or sold their business!

How wonderful it is to achieve such great benefits, but your only valid obstacle to achieving such great benefits remains ‘’How Do You Successfully Weather, Thrive, Survive, and Succeed Excellently In This Serious Current Global Financial Crisis That is Like A Hungry Inferno’’


To successfully weather, thrive, survive, and succeed excellently in this serious current global financial crisis, the most important step your business need to make, is to grab hundreds of thousands even millions of new clients/customers worldwide for your business, which are currently up for grabs, since prominent and strong competitors are relatively much fewer at this time frame as a result of the financial crisis, & to do this very cost effectively, efficiently, and very successfully, with very great speed very promptly, all you need to do is to advertize your goods/services to them, in the most cost effective, reliable, dependable, 100% guaranteed, perfect and most successful efficient way possible, and this is the exact service that we at Skull E-Adz (Skull Electronic Advertisement) gives to all our business clients very speedily with 100.5% guarantee. 

Skull E-adz (, provides cutting edge modern electronic advertisement technology to meet your exact business marketing and promotional needs, with a 100.5% guarantee of huge record breaking success, and profits for your business.

We provide cutting edge solutions for your Bulk SMS Marketing, Bulk Fax Marketing, and Bulk Inbox Email Marketing at a reasonable price/rate, where our Bulk Inbox Email Marketing service is an innovative service, as the billions of ad emails that are sent on your behalf to your aspiring potential customers, are guaranteed to be delivered directly into the Inbox email folder of the email address owners, instead of their Junk email folder.

With our excellent service, you would be able to send your ads to billions of potential customers/clients worldwide via SMS, Fax and Email, very easily and speedily, which in turn immediately equals breakthroughs and huge success for you and your ailing business in this hard current global financial crisis weathers.

Our Services Includes;

Bulk SMS Service
Send your ads to millions of active mobile phone numbers
of your specified customized country(ies), with access
to all numbers for your verification.

Bulk Inbox Email + Traffic
Send your ads directly into the inbox of 1Billion
categorized opt-in emails, and use our Traffic service,
which involves the submission of your website to
100,000+ search engines, to over 5million blogs
and newsgroups, WITHOUT SPAMMING!!

Bulk Fax Service
Send your ads to millions of active fax numbers of your
specified customized country(ies), with access to all
numbers for your verification.

AD Tools
1) Active Mobile Telephone Numbers Package
2) Active Fax Numbers Package
3) Active FRESH Opt-In Email Addresses with Advanced
Bulk Email Sending Software, Mailing List
Splitter Software and Mailing List Merger Software package.

E-Adz Membership Service.
3,000,000 (Three Million) Targeted, live/active/valid Fresh
and hot Opt-In email addresses of high potential customers for your business product(s) and service(s) from our secured Member's Area, every Monday of the week

Membership comes with;
(12) advanced super fast Email Sending software programs,
Advanced Mailing List Merger, Splitter, Email list Management,
Email list Verification, and (2) advanced Website Submission Software Programs, with exclusive UNLIMITED serial #'s

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Skull E-Adz (

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We are proud to be part of your key to your business success.


Furthermore, to be able to benefit from our advertisement services efficiently at its maximum potential, you would require professional graphical services from a graphical services providing company that can provide you with all the professional graphical services that your business would require for use as its advertisement(s) file, and this is where we at Skull Graphics comes advanced, supreme and professionally in.

Skull Graphicz ( ) provides advanced professional services for your business at a reasonable price/rate, which includes the following graphical services outlined below, where they are all strictly professionally delivered to offer full satisfaction to all clients.

Services includes,
HD & 3D Logo's, HD & 3D Websites, HD & 3D Graphics,
HD HTML Ads, Multimedia, HD Corporate Identities,
Photo Editing, HD 3D Ad Flyers, Posters & Banners,
HD Brochure Design, Covers & Booklets, HD E-Books,
HD Packagings, E-Commerce Solutions, Programming,
Web Hosting, HD Illustrations, HD 3D Animated TV
Commercials, HD 3D Animated Video Production,
Sales Collateral

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In-addition, to supremely thrive easily, you would require professional copywriting, for all your advertisement medium, because "CONTENTS", is still the major key that enables you thrive easily beyond your competitors, and this is where we at Skull Copy, stands firmly bold and giant at!

Skull Copy (, furnishes your corporate entity with professional copywriting, which houses the whole range of media, from brochures, magazines, posters and speeches, to scripts, websites and mini websites.

Our Advanced Copywriting Services includes,
• Internal Communications
• Marketing and Corporate Communications
• Websites, Intranets and Multimedia
• Journalism and Editorial Support
• Co-authoring and Executive Speeches
• Text Consultancy
• Interim Assistance

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Skull Copy



 Finally, one of the major keys to be highly efficient, competitive and successful in your business, is to have accurate and in-depth business resources to provide your business with all competitive relevant information’s, necessary for its growth, expansion, and explosion to new heights, and this is where we at Skull Press comes in supremely.

Skull Press ( ) provides you and your business with accurate, and up to date E-Books (Electronic Books), which provides you and your company with all accurate and in-depth business E-Book resources with competitive relevant information’s that are guaranteed to be vital tools necessary to grow, expand and explode your business to un-imaginable new heights.

We furnish you and your company with all categories of professionally built E-Books, including Business E-Books with 100% valid official contact details, Turnkey E-Books, and
much more.........

Valid Contact Details contains;
* Company name
* Surname and Name of Contact Person(s)
* Valid E-mail
* Website URL
* Telephone number
* Mobile number (if available)
* Fax number
* Company Addresses
* Company Profiles
* e.t.c

List of Currently Available E-Books.

*Business Directories 2010 (7 Different Directories)
*Music Industry Directory 2010
*Music Business Cards 2010
*Movie Industry Directory 2010
*Fashion Industry Directory 2010
*Killer Sales Letter Templates Package 2010
*Turnkey Package
*Templates Package
*Record Label Pack 2010
*Record Label Contracts Pack 2010
*Templates Package
*Clip Arts & Graphics Package*
*Fonts Package
*iProfit Business Package +
*iProfit Niche Package +
*Software Package
*Customizable Professional Business Plan
*Super Ebook Package
*3D HD Logo package
*3D HD Wallpaper Package
*Scripts Package
*PLR Articles Package
*Adult Package

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