Skoltech Student Council 2015-16 To be Elected this week


Opening the round of voting

Dear Students! 

We are happy to announce the round of Voting to be opened from 14th of October till 16th of October. We got 8 nominations for different positions.

All the students applying for Student Council 2015-2016 already showed their desire to make changes and set up traditions in Skoltech Student Community this upcoming year. 

I am happy to announce the nominees:  

President nominee - Anastasia Galanina

Vice-President nominee - Efim Boeru

Chairperson for External Activities nominee - Dariya Satikova

Chairperson for Internal Activities nominee - Nikita Popov

Chairperson for Innovation and Career nominee - Catherine Yakovleva

Chairperson for Education and Research nominee - Dominik Knoll

PhD Students Representative nominee - Kirill Abrosimov

International Students Representative - Tamara Banjevic

Masterskaya Committee - Eugenii Israelit and Victoria Stelmakh

Good luck!
Aliya Khayrullina

Opening the round of nominations

Dear Students! 

We open the period of nominations to Student Council : 5th - 11th of October. 

We invite you to the Q and A session on the 6th of October 4 p.m. in Cohort Place. 

On behalf of the Student Council 2014-2015 let me please open an important week in Students' life. We will carefully form the team of highly motivated and active students throughout these days as we are ready to pass the relay baton and help you run further. There are many interesting and exciting projects that we have accomplished, changes we have made and traditions we followed or introduced. But there is much more to be done and it is going to be your choice where to go next.

You can be nominated to Student Council if you are first year MSc student, second year MSc student or PhD student in Skoltech. Note, that: President can only be second year student who participated in the last year activities. And Vice-president has to be approved by the newly elected President (as they will work closely the entire year). The nomination requirements will be sent after the Q and A session on the 7th of October.

We changed the structure of Student Council according to the needs of our students and current situation. Student Council consists of two big groups: Student Board and Student Panel. 

Student Board is the team of 6 people responsible for the entire Student Council, having responsibilities specified below. Student Panel is the group of active people who will be ready to participate in the events and activities. Student Panel representatives will be also bridging the group of students they are leading with the rest of the community. 

Student Board

The President shall oversee the operations and activities of the Council and all committees. The President shall call and preside at meetings of the Council and Standing Committee. The President shall respond to all the requests for Student Council and allocate tasks according to the responsibilities of Student Board and Student Panel members. The President shall represent students and stand up for them whenever is needed. The President shall receive, disburse, and account for all funds of the Council and its activities, present a written report of finances at least once per semester, coordinate all budget and financial decisions, prepare the budget for the next fiscal year to be voted upon by the Council, and coordinate the funding of student activities. 

The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence and coordinate all nomination decisions and elections. The Vice-President shall be responsible for maintaining a record of the activity of Council representatives.   The Vice-President shall be responsible for notification to all Council members and the general public of all meetings of the Council, maintaining the files of the Council, and liaising with the communications media. Assist the President in setting up Council meetings. Keep a database of the Council members' contacts.

Chairperson for External Activities 
- The CEA is responsible for organizing Hackathon twice a year (december/march), Selection weekend student activities, Open doors and any other events connected to external students/projects. The CEA is the head of Ambassadors and manages their involvement and action. 

Chairperson for Internal Activities
- The CIA is leading all clubs' managers: sports, dancing, reading, running, etc. The CIA is responsible for organizing social activities, such as movie nights, competitions, space planning, interaction zone. The CIA supports Student Panel representatives regarding social activities, such as International evening, track meetings, etc. 

Chairperson for Innovation and Career 
- The CIC is responsible for start-ups in the university, providing support in all the area Student Council can help, including mentorship and investment opportunities search, help with PR materials, etc. The CIC organizes start-up community. The CIC is responsible for all career related events, organizes Company Fair for graduates. supports Education office on summer internship opportunities and working closely with Companies defining possible research and career opportunities for students in Skoltech. 

Chairperson for Education and Research
- The CER is responsible for strengthening communication between CREIs and students, works with Companies in terms of possible research questions interesting to the industry, represents students in Education committee. The CER together with PhD students representative organizes SkoltechOn conference each year in October.

Student Panel 

IT Students Representative
Space Students Representative
Energy Students Representative
Biomed Students Representative
Advanced Manufacturing Students Representative

- The Representatives of the Tracks should maintain the mailing list dedicated to their students and keep track of vk/fb groups if there are any. The Representatives are responsible for gathering feedback from student and dealing with internal problems that their students have. The Representatives shall seek for improvement in all areas of student life. The Representatives shall organize a social activity event for their group of students at least once per 2 months in the time convenient for the students. The Representatives are together responsible for all End-of-the-Term and End-of-Semester gatherings of all students. The Representatives are responsible for any help the Student Board needs in terms of their actions, such as organizing events, joining working groups, etc.

PhD Students Representative 
- PhD Student Representative has all of the duties stated above regarding the duties of the Representative plus bridging PhD and MSc students in terms of research, networking and projects.

International Students Representative
- International Student Representative has all of the duties stated above regarding the duties of the Representative plus providing housing help for new students coming from abroad, managing integration process, writing an arrival handbook, organizing language clubs (together with CIA), helping Student Affairs office regarding international PR.

Masterskaya Committee (one member of the committee is present in the Panel). 
- Masterskaya committee is going to be chosen together with the Student council. The responsibilities of Masterskaya Committee student representatives include: attending all monthly committee meetings, selecting other student projects for funding grants, keeping the laboratory in order on a daily basis, enforcing lab rules and discipline on other students, reporting lab rule violation to Skoltech staff and management for possible disciplinary action. MC is also providing long-term creative input for the final campus lab opening in 2016.  Student representatives will be active participants in that process, collaborating with Skoltech faculty and staff.

IT coordinator 
- We've started the big project on Student Council website and mailing lists initiatives this summer, thus, having an IT person in the panel is essential to move these projects ahead. 

Please, give it a thought today. Come and talk to me or Anastasia Galanina tomorrow at the cohort space. 

It is a serious decision to make but it will strengthen your leadership, management skills, it will give you numerous network opportunities in the university and beyond, many great moments after successful events and the feeling of building something from the scratch. 

This year wasn't easy as starting new traditions and having a lot of students constantly traveling makes it complicated but I am happy we could manage to move forward. We established big event, that is happening soon (SKoltechOn conference), we were able to continue and make Hackathons, Student activities in Selections weekends and International Evening better. We stood up for students in Disciplinary and Education Boards. We spoke for students in big Strategic events of the entire University. We provided Student Space planning options and will work more in this area. We had sport clubs with competitions twice a year, we had dancing classes and much more. There were projects that we started that got canceled, such as movie nights, Moscow tours, entrepreneurship club and many others. There were always different reasons for cancellations but there were always different reasons to start over something that suits better. 

It's been a good year and I look forward to work with the new team in the year ahead of us. 

On behalf of Student Council 2014-2015 

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