Our Products

We’ve tirelessly researched the cosmetic beauty market to find the hottest injectable products and skincare products on the planet. Here’s a small selection of some of the products we offer:

Teosyal ®

This exclusive range of wrinkle-filling injectable products are 100% hyaluronic acid-based, not of animal origin, and are effective, safe and long lasting. There are a number of different versions available for different skin types including first lines, deep lines and dehydrated skin. They can also be used to redefine the lip contour and increase lip volume. Teosyal was awarded Best Injectable Product at the Aesthetic Medicine Awards 2008. Please see our Non-surgical procedures page for more details.


Theraderm Skin Health Program is an exclusive range from the USA, designed to combine medium level peels and other skin rejuvenating procedures with a maintenance system for home use. Theraderm products include:

Theraderm Skin Renewal System

An easy to use daily regime combining a fruit acid exfoliant, reparative gel and enriched liposome cream. This methodical, scientific approach to younger looking skin imitates the skin’s own process of regeneration and is an ideal preparation for the LA Peel.

Theraderm Reversion Acne Control System

Scientifically based on a 2-step system to prevent acne and control break-outs. Includes an antimicrobial wash to rid the skin of 99% of all bacteria for up to 12 hours and a reversion medication which combines salicylic acid and lactic acid to stimulate the skin’s natural process of exfoliation.


Formulated to meet the exacting standards of skincare professionals, SkinCeuticals’ cleansers and toners include a variety of active ingredients such as hydroxy acids, botanical extracts and cleansing agents to lift impurities and oils, gently exfoliate dead skin cells and balance PH levels. Cleansing and toning products leave the skin feeling fresh and clean without increased dryness or oiliness.



For years, Dermalogica’s formulas have pioneered new standards for product performance. Using the finest ingredients, all Dermalogica products are non-comedogenic and contain no mineral oil or lanolin, artificial colours or fragrance, or SD alcohol. We offer a range of Dermalogica products as well as a range of customised facials suitable for every skin type.