What is happening in the Middle Unit?

 Grades 3/4CH, 3/4RA and 3/4SN welcome you to the Middle Unit site

This site will be updated weekly and from time to time we will email you with important information.

Just a reminder that if you are volunteering in the Middle Unit and/or joining us on excursions then a working with children check is required. If and when you have one can you please let us know and take the WWCC into the school office for our office ladies to take a photocopy of. It is a legal requirement that everyone has one before working with children in our school.  The following is the link for steps to require one. https://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au
Thank you for understanding.

*In Gr.3/4, students readers are their library books as readers (unless teacher send specific readers home). All borrowed school books need a book bag to travel home in!!
*Some students still need to bring headphones to school ASAP!

* Diaries are required at school on a daily basis for communication between teachers and parents. They also serve the purpose of assisting students with their spelling words at home. On Monday (Spelling session 1), students transfer their spelling words into their diaries for home practise.


This Week (September 16th to 23rd)

Monday - Assembly.

Tuesday - Library borrowing.
Wednesday - Sport's Uniform (Specialist Program).

Thursday - Mass - hosted by the Middle Unit. Entitled: 'Beauty in God's Creation'. Mass commences at 9:10am.

Friday - Middle Unit 'Learning Walk' (Students will showcase their Inquiry topic projects). Time: 9am to 11am.

End of Term Three - school dismissal: 2:30pm. We wish all of our students and families, a safe and happy break and look forward to seeing you all back next term.

Saturday -

Sunday -

Next Week (School Holidays)

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Tuesday -
Wednesday -

Thursday -

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General Information:

Daily Routine:

It is helpful for the children to be at school at 8.45am to ensure they have sufficient time to unpack their bags themselves and catch up with school friends before class time.  Once the bell goes it is time for class to commence and we like to give our full attention to the class. Student are encouraged to have their fruit, diary and drink bottle on the table ready for the day.

Sports Uniform: (Wednesday, & Friday)
Sports uniform to be worn Wednesday's and Friday's.

Tuesdays for all classes. In Gr.3/4, students readers are their library books as readers (unless teacher sends specific readers home) - STUDENTS NEED A BOOK BAG (it can be their reader bag from previous years) to take books home to protect them.

Headphones - Some students still need to bring headphones to school ASAP!
At school we use headphones for a learning purpose and not to disrupt others while learning. Thanks to those who have already brought them in.