What is happening in the Junior unit?

Grades 12RM, 12KS and 12DW welcome you to our site.

Gym Program: Beginning this Friday. Students will be participating in the gym program at school until the second last week of term. Please ensure your child wears their PE uniform, including sock. Parents are more than welcome to come and help out. 
1/2DW- 11.45-12.40
1/2KS- 12.40- 1.30
1/2RM- 2.35-3.25. 

Parents and special friends are welcome to come along and join us at our Junior Unit Mass. 

There have been a few parents requesting dates for Grade 2 Sacraments this year. Please see the notice below for each of the sessions and their dates.

Just a reminder that if you are volunteering in the Junior Unit and/or joining us on excursions then a working with children check is required. If and when you have one can you please let us know and take the WWCC into the school office for our office ladies to take a photocopy of. It is a legal requirement that everyone has one before working with children in our school.  The following is the link for steps to require one. https://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au
Thank you for understanding. 

Parent Information
Thanks to all those who were able to make it to our Parent Information Evening on Wednesday night. Please see below information spoken about on the night. 

Junior Parent Information Session 2019

Just a reminder to check that your child has a set of headphones for use in the classroom. They use these often in the classroom with reading programs and technology. 

*The Junior Unit ask that children DO NOT bring toys, balls, stationery, etc to school unless it is for a special occasion and it is to be given to their teacher.