Why Hire Joel Skapinker?

Joel knows the “drama and trauma” of traditional litigation. After 30 years of practicing family law Joel has chosen to convert his legal practice into a Family Mediation practice. He has taken this step because he has seen how destructive litigation can be for both spouses and children.

Joel is committed to helping you create an amicable divorce
. He is devoted to helping spouses find mutually satisfactory solutions to the issues that arise from their decision to go their own ways. The goal is to craft a practical workable separation or divorce agreement wherein the input of both parties is respected in a calm atmosphere.

Joel’s background is an asset. As an experienced Family Law Lawyer with a background in psychology, Joel knows how judges think, how they come to their decisions. He can therefore help you to reach a practical solution that will endure and not bring you back to court.

Joel understands a variety of cultural perspectives. Born in South Africa where he received his initial law degree in 1974, Skapinker has lived and studied law in three different countries. This experience has provided him with a unique perspective on different cultural approaches to matrimonial affairs. In other words, he truly understands where clients from various cultural backgrounds are “coming from.”

Joel is a rare male in a largely female-dominated field. While Joel remains completely unbiased and has represented equal numbers of men and women, his male perspective can be helpful.

Joel is fully qualified and experienced. While other Mediators may have fully taken some courses and “hung out a shingle”, Joel is an Accredited Family Mediator, He has observed and co-mediated 100 hours of mediation in addition to his course work and reading requirements. He began this process in 2008 and upon receiving his accreditation was listed on the roster of family mediators at the Family Court/Superior Court in Toronto, Ontario.  Joel  trains mediator interns and teaches family mediation as well as family law to non lawyer mediators.

Joel can conduct mediation sessions “virtually.” If you live outside of Toronto Joel is equipped and prepared to “meet with you” on-line/by Skype. Just let him know.

Joel personal experience. Joel has been married for almost 40 years, has two children and three grandchildren. He well understands the problems that can come up in a marriage and in family life.