Joel Skapinker Family Lawyer & Mediator

Joel Skapinker has been a Family Lawyer in Toronto for over 30 years
As a Family Law Lawyer, Joel Skapinker understands the painful process of divorce litigation and is determined to help families avoid the "drama and trauma" of the traditional divorce process where possible.

He has found that Family Mediation, since it is not an adversarial process but a collaborative process, allows everyone involved to come through the process with fewer scars. Having trained and been fully accredited as a Family Mediator, Joel can help you and your former spouse in finding your way to a genuinely workable separation or divorce agreement.
A Family Mediator is an independent person who will facilitate/assist the parties to a marriage breakdown or divorce in arriving at a mutual and workable agreement that will stand the test of time.

Mediation is almost always considerably less expensive, less time-consuming and less stressful than divorce litigation. It makes the divorce easier for everyone in the family. It is also a private experience rather than the very public one of court.

Mediations can be conducted at our offices in North York or in downtown Toronto.