"Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium employs western science, traditional ecological knowledge, and a vast network of climate change impact "observers" to develop comprehensive, community-scaled climate change health assessments (CCHA). These assessments, which include adaptation recommendations for individual communities, tackle complex health issues that span the fields of both climate science and epidemiology. Part of the impetus for creating CCHAs was a desire to provide support to community leaders who are tasked with creating protective climate change adaptation strategies in response to unpredictable and rapidly changing environmental conditions. CCHAs provide technical input and relevant data for community leaders who face the daunting challenge of drafting adaptation plans."

For more information on the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium is working to assess health impacts and document observed changes visit the Northern Arizona website at http://www7.nau.edu/itep/main/tcc/Tribes/ak_swi

Community based citizen science projects are one of the best tools to increase awareness, build support, and employ science to develop lasting solutions.  Alaska's students will face touch challenges. Involvement in today's research projects ensures students are empowered to develop tomorrows solutions.

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