My main priorities for your student as a High School Educator is as follows:
1. Your student learns the content and develops advanced skill sets in the course discipline.
2. Your student learns to critically think for themselves.
3. Your student grows a self-confidence and self-reliance that will lead them to success in adulthood.

Grading Policy

As noted above my number one priority, as an educator, is that your student practices and learns the course material and skill sets. In order to accomplish this, I allow students the following:

1. Retake summative assessments to practice content and skills to develop mastery.
2. Receive extra credit to help reinforce concepts that the student may be struggling with.
3. Negotiate extensions for summative assessments, so that the student may accurately practice content or skill.
4. Provide time for one-on-one tutoring for any content or skill set student may request aide in. 

Students and/or parents should feel free and welcome to ask for any of the above policies in order for our students to succeed and master the course! 
For a more detailed look at each course's specific assessment breakdown, please refer to the class syllabus on the Links page. 


Due to the advanced nature of Skagway's students, assessments are designed to check student's learning, reinforce main ideas and important details, and show your student's positive growth over the course of the class. 

Each Social Studies unit includes each of the following assessments:
1. Formative: As a teacher, I check for understanding on a daily basis with class warm ups, class discussions, and weekly check ups on content and skill progress
2. Summative: These are the activities that receive a letter grade and are calculated into your student's final grade
           - Homework checks: P/F, has your student completed homework                             assignments? 
           - Classwork assignments: P/F, has your student participated in class                         i.e. have they turned in assignments that we worked on                                together in the classroom?
           - Unit Content Notebooks: A-F, graded according to rubric included in                         each notebook; has your student learned and practiced the                             content?
           - Unit Review Projects: A-F, graded according to rubric included with                         each project; has your student developed and practiced course                         skills? 
Each semester course also includes large major assessments to help show growth and provide the teacher with data on what has been accomplished and what must be retaught:
1. Midterm Exam - A-F, graded according to accuracy i.e. has your student answered each question correctly? Covers half of the class material. Focuses on large course ideas, themes, and information. 
2. Final Exam - A-F, graded according to accuracy i.e. has your student answered each question correctly? Covers the semester's most important ideas, themes, and information. 

Due dates are given before each Unit Content Notebook, Unit Review Projects, Midterm Exam, and Final Exam. 

Study guides and in class study time is provided for each Midterm Exam and Final Exam. 
If you or your student ever has any questions please feel free to contact me.