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Valentine's Party

posted Feb 12, 2016, 4:15 PM by Michaela Stidham
Love is in the air and Valentine's Day is almost here! We will be celebrating on Thursday, February 11 (Friday, February 12 is an Inservice Day, so no school for kids).

We will be making holders to hold your Preschoolers Valentines and we invite all of you to bring in a card for each child. It does not have to be elaborate or store-bought, a simple paper heart with a message from your preschooler is fine. Encourage them to sign their own name on all of them, it's great name writing practice!

If you are bringing candy/a treat, that's fine, just bring enough for the whole class. I will allow the kids to eat ONE treat in school and then they will take the rest home.

A couple of kids will be out on vacation, but please bring enough for everyone, as they will receive their Valentines when they get back. A class list was emailed home.