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2/6 Update

posted Feb 6, 2017, 4:48 PM by Michaela Stidham


Hello Kindergarten Families,

Thank you for coming to our 100th day of school celebration last week! It was a great turnout. Encouraging our kids as they learn to read is one of the most important jobs we do.

Kindergarten Website:

I have uploaded pictures from the school year thus far onto my Teacher Website! To get to them, go to the school website (www.skagwayschool.org), and to the right, under “Quick Links,” click on Teacher Websites. Then find my name. From there, you’ll be directed to my site, where you can find updates, as well as photos, and some fun videos and learning resource links. Please let me know if you can’t access the photos, I’m still learning the ins and outs of Google Sites!

Valentine’s Day Orders:

The sophmore class is doing a Valentine’s Day Fundraiser. The students will be collecting orders and money Monday and Tuesday after school and at the Monday night basketball game.  Look for their table in the hall!  Your order will be delivered or available for pick up on Friday February 10th. I’ve included flyers related to this.

Social Studies:

To celebrate Black HIstory Month, we will be learning about George Washington Carver this week and his contributions to science and agriculture. We will be doing an activity that involves peanuts, and I am not aware of anyone with a peanut allergy, but if you have any concerns regarding this, PLEASE let me know as soon as you can!


The students have really enjoyed learning about the different classifications of animals, including vertebrates, invertebrates, mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles. This will flow nicely into our Salmon in the Classroom Studies, which begin next week!


Tuesday is Library Day.

Smiles and Laughter!

-Ms. Michaela