Welcome to JD's summer 2017 required work.

Research has shown* that students who do not continue to read and learn over the summer vacation months will return to school in the fall having lost 1-3 months of learning. Summer "brain drain" can be prevented by engaging in learning experiences during those summer days. JDCHS requires every student to read one book over the summer and complete math assignments to keep their skills sharp. 

Additionally, students enrolled in AP, Honors courses and a few others will have required reading for their particular courses. 

Other students enrolled in the JDCHS Academy of Sciences will participate in research as part of an internship at the University of Utah working with professors and researchers in the U's lab.

Click on the tabs above or links below to see what work you are responsible for.

Courses with required Reading: AP, Honors, Advanced courses, Theatre course and Athletic Teams. Check this list to be sure of your required reading and work.

Math Summer Assignments - click here to go the Math Department Website starting June 3rd.