JDCHS Mission: 
To serve God by providing a challenging academic education 
rooted in Catholic values and morals 
in developing the whole person

Welcome to the Religious Studies Department.  

Philosophy Statement

The Religious Studies Department facilitates the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development of its students. 
Our curriculum fosters growth 
in all three areas. 
The Religious Studies Department values each person as a unique expression of God's love 
who has been fashioned in the Creator's image and likeness (Gn 1.26). 

With St. Augustine, 
we believe that the search for self coincides with the search for God. 
Student spiritual discovery occurs 
as an individual encounters other seekers 
who form a community of faith. 
Within a community of faith, 
students learn to understand and appreciate the Holy Scriptures, 
Church history, 
and the tradition of Catholic teachings. 
Through systematic study, 
students acquire skills 
that enable them to reflect critically 
on life, society, and religion. 
We believe that within the faith community they discover and live out 
their God-given vocation.

- JDCHS Validating the Vision; 
(Department Reports, Section 5, pg 2)