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Our Program

St. Joseph Workers commit to a year of service exploring justice, leadership styles as women for

social change, spirituality, intentional community, living simply, and developing their skills by:

Working within diverse communities, addressing the needs of the poor and marginalized in various ministries,


Senior Services

Community Action
Homeless Prevention

Social Change

Being mentored into leadership for social and spiritual transformation through

   A 36 hour per week work placement

   AmeriCorps Educational Award potential

   College loan deferments potential

   Graduate or Undergraduate course at The College of St. Rose


Deepening spirituality supported by the Sisters of St. Joseph through

• Spiritual development opportunities

• “Sharing of the Heart” sessions

• Quarterly retreats

• Spiritual direction

Developing intentional community with a focus on living simply. To help support this, the program provides:

• Food

• Housing with other St. Joseph Workers

• Health insurance

• Transportation to and from placement sites

• Monthly stipends

                                       Genevieve at the Habitat for Humanity worksite in Albany, GA.