Welcome to St. John Catholic School
Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade!

This week in Reading, our theme is Nature! and the main selections are two poems
April Rain Song  and Rain Poem.
In Grammar, we will learn about contractions.
This week in Math, we will continue to subtract 2 digit numbers with regrouping and write number sentences to show equal groups,  There will be a Fact Assessment on Tuesday (subtract 4,5) and then begin to subtract 6.  There will be a Written Assessment on Friday and a Fact Assessment (subtract 60 facts).

In Religion, we are on Chapter 17, Jesus Invites Us. Test on Friday.

Spelling:  /ar/ are, air, ear, ere
This week's words: dare, stare, fare, hair, pair, chair, bear, pear, where, there
 Review:  dear, cheers            Challenge: knew, never, talk