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Meet the Teacher!

Loretta Pitilli
6th Grade Homeroom Teacher
and MS Math Teacher
Employed Since: 2018

Loretta's passion for working with children started at an early age. When she was 15, she worked for AHRC on weekends. She would take groups of children on different outings or run a social gathering where they could play games and have fun. During the summer months, she worked at a sleepaway camp. After 5 years of doing this she knew that teaching was going to be her career. She graduated from Long Island University with a B. A. and started teaching children with social and emotional disabilities in both private and public schools. At night she went to NYU and after 3 years received by M. A. in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling. Throughout the years she had the opportunity to counsel many individuals who were physically or emotionally disabled in the hope of preparing them for a vocational setting. In the midst of starting a family and having 5 children, she started her own private tutoring company and assisted many students with IEP'S . When the time was right she went back to
teaching in Catholic schools. She has been teaching most of her life and believes that each child is blessed with a unique gift. She believes that a teacher's job is to recognize her students abilities and to find the proper learning style that will help each to succeed.


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