Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Meet the Teacher

Emily Espinal

3rd Grade Teacher


Employed Since: 2020

Emily Espinal is a mom of two from Queens, NY. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a BA in Childhood Education with a concentration in English. She is continuing her studies and is currently enrolled in the Masters program at Brooklyn College for Special Education. One of her core beliefs as an educator is to emphasize love in the classroom. The foundation of her work is in teaching an emergent curriculum where every students interests and passions are met. She uses curriculum as a guide instead of a script so that she ensures she meets every students individual needs with adequate room to differentiate her instruction. Emily favors positive reinforcement as a way to always encourage her students to set their ambitions high. A typical day in a class of hers, will consist of social-emotional learning, open-ended activities, children working cooperatively with hands-on experiences, and teaching with the methods of Jean Piaget. Such as, helping children to mentally organize their experiences and build their schemas.

Emily is a New York State certified teacher and this will be her second year teaching 3rd grade at SJWCA. In her free time, she enjoys advocating for diversity in children's literature, mommy blogging, pretend play with her children, and special event planning for children's parties.