Educational Links

Growth Mindset - 

NEW Tween Tribune -  Read about it first then click your grade level to read and learn more about your world. Good reading over the summer break. 

English Maven - helping students one step at a time with English (Reading Comprehension) Use the cassette version for more interactive lessons

Dream Box Math online for Williams School
Touch Typing Lessons

Science Kids Corner Food Chain and more 

Intel's Journey Inside the Computer

California Vistas - People and Places 2nd grade textbook (Macmillan/McGraw-Hill)

Digital History

Foss Science
Foss Balance and motion roller coaster game!
Magnetism & Electricity

Learn spelling and vocabulary

Pearson SuccessNet Math series 

RenLearn  AR

AR Home Connect

Power Proofreading HM

Khan Academy

Academic Skill Builders

Grammar Fun
Power Proofreading HM


Word Families


Compound Words

Context Clues


Inference Practice

Parts of Speech 1

Parts of Speech 2

Prefix Practice

Educational Resource for our Reading Series by Houghton Mifflin for Spelling and Vocabulary

Science Enrichment by Foss

Learning Links

Language Arts Links

Language Arts - kid's Place

Education Place Houghton Mifflin Grammar Games and more

Bright Ideas for Wriing -

      Grammar Blast -

        Evaluation Station -

      Net's Best for Research -

      Authors and Illustrators -

      Graphic Organizers -

       Writers' Showcase

Instant Poetry Forms

Challenge your vocabulary (and help a few people, too) Click Free Rice

Math Links

EnVision Math 2nd Grade 

Fact Monster 
Math Practice - Ages 5-14
A math website kids LOVE — Win awards, certificates, have fun!
Math K-1 
Math 2-3 
Math 4-5 
Math Estimator
Math Equivalencies 

FunBrain - Fun Activities

Harcourt Math Grade 2

Math Dictionary for Kids

Math Word Problem Practice

Log in to EnVision Math

Extra Skills Practice


Fact Monster Student Search Site

Pearson SuccessNet

“That’s a Fact” Math Facts Practice

IXL Second Grade Math Practice

Math Student Links K-1

Math Student Links 2-3

Printable Skills Worksheets

Web-Based Typing Programs

Here are a few typing programs your child can

using at school. Try them out at home, too.

 Peter’s Online Typing Course

Dance Mat Typing

Website Links and Resources
National Geographic for Kids

Scholastic Magic School Bus

Here are some helpful websites for your research projects.
Yahoo Kids
Fact Monster
Library of Congress

Fun and creative websites for your entertainment!  Click Art Websites

Fun games to practice Language Arts and Math. Click Bitesize


Need to practice reading? Click Starfall
Read with a celebrity Click Storyline Online

Language Arts

Working with analogies at

Students will watch the Video Lesson, then click on the Enrichment Strategies and practice the Elementary games, then play the Spellingcity Featured Games to help them practice with immediate feedback and NO paper. 

English Maven - Choose Verb Tense on the left navigation bar. Please work through all the exercises learning about the "be" verb tense. 

Reading HM eWord Game Don't forget to place your mouse of the words to have it read it to you. Choose the story for the week first!

Spelling Do your assignments please


Homework for week of Feb. 4th to 8th - Do Money, Time and Fractions: Word Search, O-Rama, Matchit, and Letter Fall  @

Envision - Do your Topic Learn and Quiz work. 

DreamBox Continue at your level

Sumdog - Play the US National Contest - hexaflexagons

Origami - geometry  spacial learning

Typing Skills   You must sign in using the same username and password as DreamBox, AR or Spellingcity. Start at the beginning lesson and work through each lesson.

Critical Thinking 

Cause and effect Little Alchemy at  Have fun creating different elements and things based on combinations of elements 


May - Changes in matter 

Learn about the experiments that make the properties of solids, liquids and gases change.

March/April  Animal and Plant Life Cycles - Animal Research Report 

Great site where students can study and it will READ it to you too! Please always make sure to monitor their searches when a student is on the internet.

January and February we are working on Magnets and Electricity

KS2 Bitesize Science - 

Electrical circuits


November/ December we worked on Balance and Motion   Do the Roller Coaster Game

October we worked on Forces and Motion

Social Studies 

Online stuff for U.S. President Research Project

Unit 1 The BIG Idea - The Big Question :

How did families long ago make a difference in our world today?

America's Story from America's Library - Black History Month

Watch the video @

Read about The Duke Ellington @

Mapping Skills: Please login by creating and then using your Sumdog username and password so you can save your pennies and then watch the video about Washington D.C. , play games and more

Mapping for Social Studies  You must play the Adventure Island game first. Then you can play the other map games by 

National Geography 

World Continents and Oceans - Level 3 - Geography

Map Match -

Unit 2 Exploring Our Earth - The Big Question: How can we find out about places on Earth? 

Take the quiz

Activity: Make an electronic book about your community

Environment - Play the Green Game a

Learn about the Water Cycle

Learn more at

Unit 3 How Our Government Works - The Big Question: How does government help people get along?

Take the quiz

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Our Government

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