Prayers before each subject

RELIGION PRAYERS:  Anima Christi, Prayer to St. Michael, Fatima Prayer (O My Jesus)



Lord, give us a mind to understand math, logic and reasoning.  Help us work through problems, to persevere when we struggle, and to find excitement when we discover answers.  Help us to see structure and order not only in math, but in the world you created. Strengthen our logic, reasoning and perseverance as we face situations that would challenge us to give up.  Give us endurance as we may learn difficult concepts in and out of the classroom.



Lord, give us not only a love for learning, but also for reading.  As we read, encourage our imaginations, increase our comprehension, teach us valuable lessons and thrill us with new discoveries.  Make us life-long readers. Help us grow as a strong speller and understand the logic of English. Help us to think creatively when we write and strengthen our ability to effectively communicate.  As we grow, make us communicators of your grace and mercy to others. May we see language as a tool to reach others for your Kingdom.



Father, as we learn about relationships and the way our society works, help us to know that you are the one we look to for guidance as to what is best for us and our culture.  You are Creator, and as creator, you are the law-giver and truth-setter. Help us understand what it means to be in healthy relationships and strong community. Bless us with good examples we can learn from and give us a respect for our country and those who serve it.