Class Letter


Welcome to 4th grade, SJS Panthers!  It is my pleasure to teach you Religion and Social Studies this year!.

Class website:

Email is the best way to reach me:


Our classwork /homework/upcoming tests are on the side white board every day; it stays up for the entire week. At the end of each day, students are to copy assignments into planner and highlight homework.  If a student is absent, he/she needs to copy the assignments for the day(s) missed. Parents are encouraged to look over and sign the planner each day.  


Homework is usually a classwork/daily assignment a student has not completed.  

*ALL WORK accepted only in your student’s handwriting.

*Late policy: Late assignments will drop one letter grade each day late. Student will turn it in the next day for late grade SIGNED BY A PARENT.  

*If you find yourself signing homework papers several times a week, please ask your child how they are managing their classwork time.  

*Absent work:  Your student will have the same amount of days as absent to make up missed assignments.  For example, if your child is absent Monday and Tuesday, assignments are due Friday.

*In the event of an extended absence,  please let me know as early as possible and I will do my best to gather assignment beforehand.


Prayers that need to be memorized in 4th grade (we will work on these throughout the year).  They are on my class website.

Hail, Holy Queen

Ten Commandments

Fatima Prayer


I give the students plenty of advanced notice of upcoming tests.  I dislike scheduling “test days” because some concepts require more time than others.  Barring any bizarre circumstances, two is the max number of tests we will have on one day.  Even though I review with the students before most tests, please study with your child beforehand.

Grades/Progress Reports

Progress reports will be sent out once a quarter.  Please share the students grades with them on Powerschool.  Grades should not be a surprise to anyone. If I have made a mistake in any grade, please let me know; I will correct it!


My approach to discipline is to use humor and common sense.  If a student is acting out, I try to get to the root of the behavior. I also may send the student on an errand just to give him/her a few minutes to regroup and calm him/herself.  Minor disturbances or problems will most likely result in a loss of some recess time.

I do not like to write demerits.  However, I will write a demerit for: swearing, extreme disrespect, and lying (not all reasons listed; there are circumstances I can’t foresee).  After 3 demerits, your student will serve a detention. These are held for an hour after school on a teacher assigned day.


Please never hesitate to contact me.   Your child’s education, physical, and mental well-being are my priorities.

Send me a message on Remind or email me with any questions or concerns you have.

Grading Scale

100-90 A

89-80 B

79-70 C

69-60 D

59- F


*We stress the Cardinal Virtues in our classroom.  Cardinal Virtues and our Citizenship guidelines are attached.

*Please wear full uniform each day.


J. Nicholls