Wilkinson Neurophysiology Lab

Department of Biological Sciences, San Jose State University

The Wilkinson Lab uses an isolated muscle-nerve preparation to study sensory plasticity. Muscles contain neurons which sense muscle length and movement and are the main contributors to the sense of body position and movement, or proprioception. Alterations to these sensory neurons can lead to movement and balance problems. We are currently studying the effect of inflammation and obesity on muscle proprioceptor activity.
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Wilkinson Lab Contributed to Identifying the Mechanosensitive Channel in Muscle Proprioceptors.

The long sought mechanically sensitive ion channel that confers stretch sensitivity to muscle proprioceptors was identified as Piezo2. The Wilkinson lab confirmed that no stretch sensitive activity could be recorded from muscles lacking Piezo2. This study was recently chosen as the cover article in Nature Neuroscience.


SJSU MARC Program & the Wilkinson Lab visited by Congressman Mike Honda 9/5/13