Scott Shaffer

Scott Shaffer 
Duncan Hall, Room 340

  Telephone: (408) 924-4871

  FAX: (408) 924-4840


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  • 1996-00    University of California, Santa Cruz, California.               Ph.D.     Biology
  • 1994-96    University of California, Santa Cruz, California                M.Sc.    Marine Science
  • 1988-93    San Diego State University, San Diego, California           B.Sc.     Biology


Ph.D. Dissertation:

Foraging ecology of Wandering Albatrosses (Diomedea exulans): Impacts on reproduction and life history. Advisors: Daniel P. Costa, Henri Weimerskirch, Terrie M. Williams, Kenneth A. Nagy, and Donald A. Croll


Assessment of physiological and behavioral adjustments in diving and exercise of two cetacean species, Delphinapterus leucas and Tursiops gilli. Advisors: Daniel P. Costa, Terrie M. Williams, and Sam H. Ridgway

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the ecology and conservation of birds and mammals, especially marine species. Underlying themes include studies that examine the links between foraging behavior, energy expenditure, at-sea distribution, and predator-prey interactions. This research uses a variety of techniques including isotopic tracers, heart rate loggers, and respirometry to measure energy expenditure, and state of the art electronics like GPS loggers, satellite telemetry, archival geolocation data loggers, and VHF radio tags to study foraging behavior, activity, distribution, and habitat use of free-ranging animals.