Advising for Undergraduate Physics & Astronomy Majors & Minors

Dr. Monika Kress will the academic adviser in Spring 2023.

  • What I can do for you?

    • I am here to help you navigate through your Physics & Astronomy curriculum from freshman/transfer till your graduation. I can help you with the choice of classes and electives, registration, graduation paperwork, and/or any other administrative issues you might have.

    • I am certified in Adult Mental Health First Aid. I am trained to provide initial help to those experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge. Please feel free to talk to me.

    • I can also give you career advice - whether you want to pursue work after the bachelor degree or whether you want to go to graduate school.

    • I also handle anything related to Physics and Astronomy minor degrees.

  • Want help with GE classes?

    • For advising on General Education (GE) courses, please contact College of Science Advising Center (COSAC).

    • MyProgress will also give you an overview of your progress with the GE classes. Check it out! Use it only for GE coursework though. For progress in your physics major coursework please rely only on our advising paperwork.

  • Want to change your major?

    • To physics or within physics - talk to me. (Change of Major form)

    • From physics to anything else - contact COSAC Advising who will advise you on the change of major. Make sure to fill out the 'Intent to Change Majors Google Form' so COSAC can lift your advising hold.

    • Between physics B.S., B.A., and B.A.-Teacher-Prep - talk to me first, then fill out the change of major form.

  • Want to graduate?

    • Apply for graduation here about a semester before the estimated graduation date. More info about the graduation process can be found here.

    • Fill out the major form (BS or BA) before the start of the last semester and submit it me.

You will not be able to graduate without the major form and the application for graduation. Those are two different things that need to be completed separately.

Programming skills survey for transfer students. (Please fill out this survey if you are transferring to physics from another degree or another school and you have taken some programming course. This will help us evaluate your coursework)

Information about SJSU Physics & Astronomy program:

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