Advising for Undergraduate Physics & Astronomy Majors & Minors

Advising appointments are made through Spartan Connect only.

Fall 2021 Schedule Of Classes

  • Want help with GE classes?

  • Want to change your major?

    • To physics or within physics - talk to me. (Change of Major form)

    • From physics to anything else - contact Dr. Jamie Alea from COSAC ( for transferring to majors within the College of Science or relevant advisers in other Colleges, who will advise you on the change of major, and lift your hold if necessary.

    • Between physics B.S., B.A., and B.A.-Teacher-Prep - talk to me first, then fill out the change of major form in the physics department main office.

  • Want to graduate?

    • Apply for graduation here about a semester before the estimated graduation date. More info about the graduation process can be found here.

    • Fill out the major form (BS form, BA form, BA-Tprep form) at the start of the last semester and submit it me.

You will not be able to graduate without the major form and the application for graduation. Those are two different things that need to be completed separately.

Information about SJSU Physics & Astronomy program:

Why Study Physics?

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