SJSU Hydro Group
The SJSU Hydro Group is carrying out research to better understand and predict rainfall and other hydrologic quantities in the south San Francisco Bay Area. Our work focuses on fine-scale (1-km) computer simulations of intense "atmospheric river" storms affecting the area using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. We have simulated several recent atmospheric river events, and are currently compiling forecast statistics of these simulations to better understand, assess and improve the quantitative precipitation forecast (QPF) skill of fine-scale WRF for river events affecting the south SF Bay area.

Alongside this research, we are developing real-time prediction capability using an operational version of our 1-km WRF configuration. These real-time WRF predictions are combined with analysis of real-time model output from the NOAA HRRR model, run at 3-km resolution by NOAA ESRL, to form the basis of our rainfall predictions. Beta-version operational predictions will be made available during the upcoming rain season (2016-17).

We are also working to incorporate into our research and operational work streamflow and other hydrologic components from the National Water Model, a new NOAA NWS forecast product for hydrologic quantities just released this summer (2016).

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