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What are the prerequisite courses for admission into the MBT program?

  • 1 year of General Chemistry: CHEM 1A + CHEM 1B
  • 1 year of Organic Chemistry: CHEM 112A + CHEM 113B + CHEM 113A (lab)
  • 1 year of Physics: PHYS 2A + PHYS 2B
  • Introductory Biology with Lab: BIOL 1B
  • Immunology with Lab: BIOL 107 and 107L**
  • Genetics: BIOL 115 or BIOL 116 (preferred) **
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology with Lab: BIOL 135 and 135L**

You may take the courses at any community college or university, but we prefer that those marked ** be taken at SJSU. If you choose to take them elsewhere, the decision to determine equivalency or lack thereof rests with the MBT Program Director and respective subject professors. For equivalencies, please visit the SJSU Articulation Office.

Some basic courses may be taken through Open University to save time. Some of the prerequisites are offered as short, intensive courses during the summer. These short courses are non-credit courses and cannot be applied to a degree, but do fulfill the prerequisites for the program.

Can I apply to the MBT program before fulfilling all the prerequisite courses?

In order to apply, you have to have at least completed 1 year of general chemistry, 1 year of physics and an introductory biology course with a lab. Once they are completed, you are welcome to apply. Keep in mind, however, that your application will not be as competitive as it could since you will have 4 prerequisites remaining.