Welcome to our simple SJSU website template for Google Sites. This template is being made available to official university units and officially recognized organizations.

If you would like to replace the "Google Sites @ SJSU" banner with something more specific to your department please request a new banner from the Web Services team. When you've completed that, use the "Manage Site" option to upload your new banner.
  1. Select  "Manage Site" from the "More Actions" button in the upper-right of the website
  2. Switch to the "Colors and Fonts" area of "Site Appearance" in the left-hand navigation section
  3. In the customizations box (the listing of things you can customize) scroll down to the "Site header" section and select "Site Header Background Image"
  4. Click on "Choose file" and select your new banner file
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Save Changes"