Welcome to SJSU's Google Apps FAQ.

What kind of questions are in this FAQ?
We'll start with what kind of questions are not in this FAQ. General questions about Google services and Google Apps are answered in the Google Help Center and the Google Apps Learning Center.

This FAQ is for questions that have answers that are specific to San José State University.

Who has SJSU Google Apps accounts?
University employees and students have SJSU Google Apps accounts. Identity information and confirmation is provided by CMS. For more information or to verify your CMS employee data, please talk with your department's HR or Faculty Affairs specialist. If you need to verify your CMS student records, please contact the Registrar's Office.

How do I get my account information?
If your acceptance process has been completed, all you have to do is set your SJSUone password on the web. Once that's done, you can log in to your Google Apps account at http://mail.sjsu.edu/. If you have any problems logging in, please contact your local computer support technician.

How do I get to my email?
Your SJSU Google Apps mail is available on the web, as are many other Google Apps services. To get to your mail, calendar or docs just bookmark the following web addresses:

How can I use SJSU Google and Personal Google at the same time?
SJSU's Google Apps supports Google's "multiple sign-on" service. For more information on multiple sign-on, please see the Google Help Center.

What is Google doing with my data? Is Google scanning my SJSU activity to advertise to me?
Google Apps for Education is an ad-free service and does not process your activity for Google's advertising programs. For more information please check out privacy and security on the Google Help Center.

About Web Clips

What are Web Clips?

Web clips are optional news headlines, blog posts, RSS and Atom feeds at the top of your inbox in Gmail.

Does SJSU Set Web Clips in Gmail?

No.  SJSU does not set Google "Web Clips" during account creation.  The Google Provisioning system provided by Google does not permit SJSU to set Web Clips at account creation time. Additionally, Google appears to be transitioning the Web Clips to the Google Reader service according to their "About Web Clips" support page.

How Do I Activate/Deactivate Web Clips?
Visit the
Web Clips Tab of the Settings page.  Check or un-check the "Show my web clips above the Inbox" checkbox.